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छाप पाडणार्‍या गोष्टींची मोठी भव्य मालिका
Array :
- अरेभिंतीवर टांगलेले वेलबुट्टीचे कापडघातलाarrayingअॅरेंमधील

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Noun(1) an orderly arrangement(2) an impressive display(3) especially fine or decorative clothing(4) an arrangement of aerials spaced to give desired directional characteristics
Verb(1) lay out orderly or logically in a line or as if in a line(2) align oneself with a group or a way of thinking

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(1) Card holders are being given an array of choices ranging from discounts at select eateries in major cities to free holidays for the family.(2) Equivalently, physicists can represent a given quantum system by a matrix - a square array of whole numbers.(3) Behind these were many ranks of pixies, gnomes and nymphs, and in the rear a thousand beautiful fairies floated along in gorgeous array .(4) Thanks to modern technology, we have a vast array of lighting choices open to us which may make the project seem confusing.(5) A matrix is a rectangular array of symbols, usually numbers, neatly arranged in columns and rows.(6) a bewildering array of choices(7) Given the vast array of choices we face-and the wide variety of consequences that flow from our choices-is it possible that the Scriptures can teach us how to make good decisions?(8) With a vast array of produce on display, the customers were left with no shortage of items to purchase.(9) he was clothed in fine array(10) She has brought an impressive array of films to Edinburgh, including LA Confidential, Nil By Mouth and Ratcatcher.(11) Before the swearing of any of the jurors, 15 the defendant or prosecutor in England and Ireland could challenge the array of jurors compiled by the sheriff.(12) So, for N = 5, there would be 125 numbers in the array and the sum of each row, column, and diagonal would be 315.(13) In order to create an array of enclosure areas in which to manipulate snail density, I arranged a row of pens parallel to the channel on the gently sloping, unvegetated channel bank.(14) The children were greatly impressed with the vast array of technology onboard.(15) The Irish Wildlife Trust marquee housed a vast array of displays and information stands.(16) Likewise, with the beach and materials such as oil drums, empty bottles, driftwood, cigarette lighters, etc. were just part of the colourful array of rubbish that was washed in.
Related Words
(1) battle array ::
1. range ::
2. dress ::
3. regalia ::
खास प्रकारचा पोशाख
4. arrange ::
5. dress ::
6. set out ::
बाहेर सेट
7. align ::
संरेखित करा
1. blemish ::
2. deface ::
खराब करणे
3. disfigure ::
तुमच्या गुप्त पित्याला दिसावे
4. mar ::
खराब करणे
5. scar ::
6. spoil ::
खराब करणे
Different Forms
arras, arrases, array, arrayed, arraying, arrays
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