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लहान, लघु आकाराचा, अल्पार्थवाचक शब्द
Diminutive :
- लहानdiminutives

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Noun(1) a word that is formed with a suffix (such as -let or -kin
Adjective(1) very small

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(1) The word curriculum is derived from the Latin word for ÔÇÿrace courseÔÇÖ; the diminutive , currus, means chariot.(2) His collection of approximately one hundred and twenty-five antique, renaissance and eighteenth century decorative gems is a perfect example of his delight in the diminutive .(3) In front of the two male imperial figures a diminutive courtier or herald holds open the scroll, presumably reading aloud the announcement of the betrothal.(4) No wafer thin bangles, and modestly diminutive chains here - the jewellery is unabashedly elaborate, studded with brilliant uncut rubies, diamonds and emeralds.(5) His insistent sexual attentions and diminutive pet names become less and less appropriate to the role she is now playing, and her self-image finally comes apart from the one her husband wants to impose on her.(6) In 1928 he proclaimed himself King of Albania, taking the name Zog, a diminutive of his family's surname.(7) Maybe it's the diminutive use of his name, but Jonny A seems like some kind of a greaser in a leather jacket.(8) It is the diminutive of the name given me by your great-great-grandmother.(9) The rabbis rounded his name, added the diminutive .(10) The earliest were over 20 cm in height, and the Italian diminutive refers to the reduced measurement of 14 cm, introduced when the first public opera houses opened in Venice.(11) Other ÔÇÿweightÔÇÖ currencies are the peso (from Latin pensum ÔÇÿweightÔÇÖ) and its diminutive , the peseta.(12) She was oblivious to the gaunt diminutive figure that stared back at her; just over five feet.(13) The diminutive star - who launched her latest world tour in Scotland last month is set to take over the presidential suite at the five-star establishment for seven days as she performs at nearby Earls Court stadium..(14) The word is a diminutive of inland navigator, referring to the men who built the canals that preceded the railways.(15) The unpredictable and random threat of such a devastating machine is at polar extremes from its diminutive replica, which offers an intimate view of a closed and isolated community of sailors.(16) In any case, whatever the cause of the conflict, it is inevitable that the small dog, simply because of its diminutive stature, takes the brunt of the conflict, be it an attack or a warning growl and pin to the ground.
1. tiny ::
2. small ::
3. little ::
4. petite ::
5. elfin ::
6. minute ::
7. miniature ::
8. mini ::
9. minuscule ::
अत्यंत लहान
10. compact ::
11. pocket ::
12. toy ::
13. midget ::
14. undersized ::
15. short ::
16. teeny ::
17. weeny ::
फार छोटा
18. teeny-weeny ::
लहान-फार छोटा
19. teensy-weensy ::
20. itty-bitty ::
itty-ऐक्याचा अभाव असलेले
21. itsy-bitsy ::
22. baby ::
23. pint-sized ::
पाइण्टचे माप आकाराच्या
25. little-bitty ::
थोडे-ऐक्याचा अभाव असलेले
26. wee ::
1. colossus ::
2. giant ::
3. jumbo ::
खूप मोठ्या आकाराचा
4. leviathan ::
5. mammoth ::
6. monster ::
7. titan ::
Different Forms
diminutive, diminutives
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