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उत्स्फूर्त, उत्स्फूर्तपणे, तयारी न करता, आयत्या वेळचा तयारी न करता केलेला
Impromptu :
- उत्स्फूर्तimpromptus

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Noun(1) an extemporaneous speech or remark(2) a short musical passage that seems to have been made spontaneously without advance preparation
Adjective(1) with little or no preparation or forethought
Adverb(1) without advance preparation

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(1) After dinner, all six convene in Seward's study for an impromptu strategy session.(2) He added that when he was the director general he used to make impromptu visits to the penitentiaries at night.(3) In addition, he has ready money for policemen that make impromptu inspection along the way.(4) Click here to see the pictures from yesterday's impromptu outing to the zoo.(5) Some enterprising vendors have put up impromptu juice stalls selling watermelon juice.(6) Sure enough, there are bedrooms and a kitchen and even a drum set up in the entrance for impromptu rehearsals.(7) They chanted their support as they were often ordered to do and kissed his hand as he made impromptu stops along the street.(8) Buoyed by the success of the day, we now plan to hold an impromptu New Year's eve bash here.(9) Some members remained in town after the parade and gave impromptu performances.(10) The event will also feature street theatre, live music and arts and craft stalls and nurses will be carrying out impromptu health checks.(11) And Paul went into an impromptu rendition of " Aint no sunshine".(12) While the tea brewed, he searched his mind for a reason for this impromptu visit.(13) In just those few days they had built a complex, many-layered, fully functioning but impromptu nest!(14) I got a phone call announcing impromptu dinner plans, so I decided to join in on that.(15) This makes us conveniently close enough for impromptu dinner party invitations.(16) Passengers told how they used mobile phones and novelty glowsticks as impromptu torches to guide them to safety.
Related Words
(1) impromptu speech ::
उत्स्फूर्त भाषण
1. unrehearsed ::
2. unprepared ::
अपुरी तयारी
3. unscripted ::
अगोदर लिहून तयार न केलेली
4. extempore ::
आयत्या वेळचा
6. extemporaneous ::
पुर्वतयारी न करता
8. spontaneous ::
9. unplanned ::
10. off-the-cuff ::
बंद-अनाधिकृत व उत्स्फूर्त
11. offhand ::
12. spur-of-the-moment ::
13. ad-lib ::
जाहिरात-स्त्रीमुक्तीची चळवळ
14. extempore ::
आयत्या वेळचा
17. without preparation ::
तयारी न करता
18. without rehearsal ::
रंगीत तालीम न
Different Forms
impromptu, impromptus
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