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एक प्रकारचा मानसिक आजार, या आजारात मनोरुग्ण आपण भलतेच मोठे आहोत किंवा आपला अतोनात छळ होत आहे यांसारख्या निराधार कल्पना करत असतो
Paranoia :
एक प्रकारचा मानसिक आजार
- एक प्रकारचा मानसिक आजार

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Noun(1) a psychological disorder characterized by delusions of persecution or grandeur

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(1) The most common symptom of paranoia is the belief that someone or something is persecuting you.(2) I almost thought I could see a dark shape through the veil of flames, but I passed it off as paranoia .(3) Twenty years of turmoil followed; five breakdowns including episodes of paranoia and delusions.(4) America's predominant mental state was one of anticommunist paranoia .(5) It is a tale of psychological terror and at its heart are paranoia and fear.(6) Face it, our information is safer when we have a healthy dose of paranoia regarding it.(7) On the space station that orbits Solaris, paranoia has evolved into a degree of mistrust, bordering on terror.(8) She felt paranoia and panic rising up to claim her, but she wouldn't let that happen.(9) This is a city prone to paranoia at the best of times, as personified by that quintessential New Yorker, Woody Allen.(10) the global paranoia about hackers and viruses(11) Who expects to find an aging Spanish nanny at the center of a tale of religious hysteria, paranoia , murder and revenge?(12) Mr Crosland said Day's use of amphetamines had caused delusions and paranoia .(13) mild paranoia afflicts all prime ministers(14) When two young men are driving along the highway one evening, they are flagged down by a cop and anxiety soon turns to paranoia .(15) The paranoia of a parent who's lost their child is easy to empathise with and makes gripping drama.(16) He said people suffering from paranoia are known to have a capacity to be very dangerous.
1. persecution complex ::
छळ जटिल
3. obsession ::
4. psychosis ::
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