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बुद्धिबळातील प्यादे, तारण म्हणून ठेवणे, तारण म्हणून देणे, पणास लावणे, दुसर्‍याच्या हातातील बाहुले
Pawn :
तारण म्हणून ठेवणे
- तारण म्हणून ठेवणेप्देpawneeप्यादेप्यादी

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Noun(1) an article deposited as security(2) a person used by another to gain an end(3) (chess(4) borrowing and leaving an article as security for repayment of the loan
Verb(1) leave as a guarantee in return for money

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(1) It should be developed on the original diagonal without wasting time to push the second pawn .(2) It is a simple role about how she becomes a pawn in the game of life.(3) Few wealthy Americans would turn down an old-world honour that money can't buy, but none would wish to be a pawn in a game of transatlantic politics.(4) ÔÇÿYes, he said that,ÔÇÖ Gregory said, moving his pawn diagonally to take his companion's bishop.(5) Do not let the management use her as a pawn in their little game of oppression.(6) He started at his white pawn and moved it forward two spaces.(7) Finally when a player promotes a pawn , they swap it for one of the pieces that their partner's opponent is waiting to place on their board.(8) he was a pawn in the game of power politics(9) But as the editor pointed out some weeks ago, we are only a pawn in a game.(10) Or was he merely a practical pawn in a deadly game?(11) He looked down at the chess board, at a pawn , and wondered what he would be like.(12) Just smile and nod and try to understand that your professor is merely a pawn in the game of capitalism.(13) I was just a pawn in the game between father and son.(14) To her father, she was merely a bargaining tool, a pawn in the game of politics, not a daughter.(15) Floyd replied by moving his murderous pawn one space forward.(16) A thief pawned a gold ring then snatched it back along with the cash he was being paid for it.
Related Words
(1) pawn shop ::
तारण म्हणून ठेवणे दुकान
1. puppet ::
2. dupe ::
3. hostage ::
4. tool ::
6. instrument ::
7. pledge ::
8. put in pawn ::
तारण म्हणून ठेवणे मध्ये ठेवले
9. give as security ::
सुरक्षा द्या
10. use as collateral ::
दुय्यम म्हणून वापर
11. hock ::
गहाण टाकणे
12. put in hock ::
गहाण टाकणे मध्ये ठेवले
Different Forms
pawn, pawned, pawnee, pawnees, pawning, pawns
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