English to Marathi Meaning :: poppycock

निरर्थक बडबड
Poppycock :
निरर्थक बडबड
- निरर्थक बडबड

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Noun(1) senseless talk

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(1) It's a load of poppycock we hear talked about us, but it's a great motivational tool.(2) I've got to say that it's absolute balderdash and poppycock .(3) So although that doctrine sounds wonderful, it is a lot of poppycock and codswallop to say that we should all be tolerant of everybody and should not have any standards.(4) Therefore, when Dr Yates argues that children should start counting from zero, we know that he is attempting to popularize poppycock .(5) Which, of course, is pure poppycock , but perhaps inevitable.(6) It should have been called nonsense and poppycock , but it was tempting to believe it as prices just kept rocketing.(7) All this poppycock about not having educated workforces, all this stuff about, well, you're crying protectionism, you're China-bashing.(8) he said I was talking poppycock(9) He said: ÔÇÿI say poppycock to claims this county is safe.ÔÇÖ(10) To address all of this, I should start by saying from the offset that I view ÔÇÿsummer readingÔÇÖ as a load of poppycock .(11) And all this talk of it being a man's world is pure balderdash, poppycock and gibberish.(12) And to suggest that Ireland, as a sovereign Republic, should not be entitled to lay down certain conditions for citizenship on the grounds that this might somehow be racist or unjustly discriminatory is pure poppycock .(13) Currently many people care to have discussions as if they have something to say but there is no sound when they move their lips, just a bunch of poppycock .(14) ÔÇÿIt's absolute poppycock (that we demanded money from them),ÔÇÖ she said.(15) This, of course, is poppycock , and Marx knew that full well.(16) While it is easier to cast these rumours aside as poppycock , some of them are definitely worth paying attention to.
Related Words
(1) poppycock ::
निरर्थक बडबड
1. nonsense ::
2. rubbish ::
3. claptrap ::
योजनापूर्वक तयार केलेले पण मूर्खपणाचे भाषण
4. balderdash ::
निरर्थक बडबड
5. blather ::
मूर्खपणाने बडबड करणे
6. moonshine ::
अर्थहीन बडबड
7. garbage ::
8. rot ::
10. jive ::
11. hogwash ::
12. baloney ::
मूर्खपणाचे बोलणे
13. drivel ::
लाळ गळणे
14. bilge ::
मुर्खपणाचे किंवा निरुपयोगी लेखन
15. bunk ::
पळून जाणे
16. eyewash ::
डोळयांत टाकण्याचे औषध
17. piffle ::
18. phooey ::
तिरस्कार निराशा इचा निदर्शक उद्गार
19. twaddle ::
बाष्कळ बडबड
20. bushwa ::
21. malarkey ::
22. gobbledygook ::
23. mumbo jumbo ::
mumbo खूप मोठ्या आकाराचा
24. bunkum ::
निरर्थक किंवा वायफळ बडबड
25. tommyrot ::
26. crapola ::
27. verbal diarrhea ::
शाब्दिक अतिसार
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