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पुनरावलोकन, समालोचन, सैन्याची तपासणी, चिंतनपर परीक्षण, समीक्षा, पुन्हा उजळणी करणे, सिंहावलोकन करणे
Review :
- पुनरावलोकनपुनरावलोकनटिकापुनरावलोकनआढावा

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Noun(1) a new appraisal or evaluation(2) an essay or article that gives a critical evaluation (as of a book or play(3) a subsequent examination of a patient for the purpose of monitoring earlier treatment(4) (accounting, less exhaustive than an audit(5) a variety show with topical sketches and songs and dancing and comedians(6) a periodical that publishes critical essays on current affairs or literature or art(7) a summary at the end that repeats the substance of a longer discussion(8) (law, especially by an appellate court(9) practice intended to polish performance or refresh the memory(10) a formal or official examination
Verb(1) look at again; examine again(2) appraise critically(3) hold a review (of troops(4) refresh one's memory(5) look back upon (a period of time, sequence of events

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(1) In the meantime, let's review the past ten chapters for those of you with short-term memory loss.(2) However, government prosecutors can execute the sentence while the review is taking place.(3) The study has been submitted to the Astrophysical Journal for review and publication.(4) It was also recommended that a new Audit and Scrutiny Committee be formed as part of the current OIC review of their committee structure.(5) all areas of the company will come under review(6) The court is only authorized to review cases if it is presented with new facts or proof of innocence.(7) There is a brief review of the past year's best posts.(8) Old papers can also be rediscovered when they are cited in articles in review journals.(9) Last week, the Supreme Court decided to review the Adarand case yet again.(10) film review(11) Governor Pataki has filed an appeal, and an appellate court will review the CFE case in October.(12) a review of her sentence(13) The prison warden in this case will undoubtedly ask the Supreme Court to review this case.(14) In June 1994 the Commission also announced its intention to review Directive 90 220.(15) The visitor then began a review of recent developments.(16) She concedes that a review by a competent authority was required before the claimant could be considered for release.
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1. analysis ::
3. criticism ::
4. journal ::
5. survey ::
6. inspection ::
7. follow-up ::
8. recapitulation ::
9. brushup ::
10. critique ::
12. revue ::
नाटय संगीत इनी युक्त असे प्रहसन
13. survey ::
14. reconsider ::
15. remember ::
लक्षात ठेवा
16. inspect ::
17. comment on ::
टिप्पणी करा
18. refresh ::
19. look back ::
मागे बघ
20. critique ::
1. fixation ::
Different Forms
review, reviewed, reviewer, reviewers, reviewing, reviews
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