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परिभ्रमण, आळीपाळीने येणे
Rotation :
- रोटेशनफेरपालटीचेआवर्तनांमध्ये

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Noun(1) the act of rotating as if on an axis(2) (mathematics(3) a single complete turn (axial or orbital(4) a planned recurrent sequence (of crops or personnel etc.

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(1) If there are more than two players, they take turns in clockwise rotation , beginning with the player to dealer's left.(2) short rotation forestry(3) Any one set may be in play for more than one turn in rotation between the players.(4) He discovered the rotation of the earth on its axis and found in this the causes of day and night.(5) The depletion process is accelerated, however, when cotton is grown in rotation with high K-requiring crops such as alfalfa and corn silage.(6) The base is equipped with three omni-wheels with independent control of rotation that allow movement in any direction.(7) The earth moves around the sun in an orbit that is nearly a circle, and the axis of rotation of the earth maintains an effectively fixed direction.(8) There are occasions where there are two Bards sharing the telling in rotation , enabling an even more embellished tale to be told.(9) Loop as movement presupposes joint rotation between here and there, up and down, edge and center.(10) Forage soybeans also can be used as a one-year forage crop in rotation with corn.(11) the moon moves in the same direction as the earth's rotation(12) The President of the European Council will now serve for two-and-a-half years, replacing the current six-monthly rotation .(13) If the forest has a non-timber value, for instance, in terms of its recreation value or its value as a wildlife habitat, then this changes the socially optimal forest rotation .(14) Venus does have a very slow rotation : one day/night period takes 117 Earth days, but the cloud whizzes round in just four, and scientists so far have no explanation for it.(15) Therefore rotation of tasks was feasible, and would prevent a status hierarchy developing on the basis of specialised roles.(16) In fact, the panels are modular and there is only one layout of folds, with variation introduced by random rotation .
Related Words
(1) job rotation ::
नोकरी रोटेशन
1. revolving ::
गोल फिरणारी
2. turn ::
3. sequence ::
4. rotary motion ::
फिरता गती
5. gyration ::
Different Forms
rotation, rotational, rotations
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