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मुख्य, कुलूप अडकवण्याचा कोयंडा, मुख्य घटक, प्राथमिक, एखाद्या भागाचे प्रमुख उत्पन्न किंवा व्यापाराचा प्रमुख जिन्नस, (वाकवलेला) तारेचा लहान तुकडा, तारेने (पिन लावून) एकत्र बांधणे
Staple :
- मुख्यस्टेपल्डरोजच्या गरजेच्याstapling

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Noun(1) (usually in the plural(2) a natural fiber (raw cotton, wool, hemp, flax(3) material suitable for manufacture or use or finishing(4) a short U-shaped wire nail for securing cables(5) paper fastener consisting of a short length of U-shaped wire that can fasten papers together
Verb(1) secure or fasten with a staple or staples
Adjective(1) necessary or important, especially regarding food or commodities

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(1) But what he cannot afford is an absolute shortage of the country's basic staple food; that would be a recipe for revolution.(2) Its clouds of white lace cap flowers in summer and its purple foliage with drooping clusters of berries in autumn make it a winter garden staple .(3) Two other important staple crops are cassava and maize.(4) Bread was the staple food in the Early Medieval diet.(5) Food was very basic with beans and rice being the staple diet.(6) Tanker started a series of Sunday morning shows at the Deluxe Cinema, a concept that became a 1960s entertainment staple .(7) Cassava as a staple crop has several advantages: it is resilient to adverse weather conditions and is high in carbohydrates.(8) The grass family Poaceae is highly diverse and contains 10,000 species, many of which are our most important staple crops.(9) Coffee still seems to be the main staple with a small sandwich or salad on the side.(10) In northern Mauritania, small swarms have already caused damage to the staple crops millet and sorghum, along with date palms and vegetables.(11) It is evident that the staple was primarily a fiscal organ of the crown, facilitating the collection of the royal customs.(12) Fedusa expressed concern that the prices of food forming the staple diet of the poor would be the first to be affected by new tariffs.(13) Floods and rogue waves raise the saltwater table underlying the atolls, poisoning the Tuvaluans' staple crops.(14) He secures the end of each rope to the tree's bottom with a U-shaped staple , then wraps the tree from the bottom up, turning the cardboard slowly as he goes.(15) In some countries they are a staple like beans or potatoes, but in this country, we most frequently come across them in their disguised form in a bowl of hummus.(16) The staple fish and main export of Icelanders since the fourteenth century has been cod.
Related Words
(1) staple food ::
मुख्य अन्न
1. basic ::
2. main ::
3. principal ::
4. chief ::
5. major ::
6. primary ::
7. leading ::
8. foremost ::
9. first ::
10. most important ::
सर्वात महत्वाचे
11. predominant ::
12. dominant ::
हाती सत्ता असलेला प्रबळ
14. basic ::
15. standard ::
16. prime ::
17. premier ::
18. number-one ::
पहीला क्रमांक
Different Forms
staple, stapled, staples, stapling
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