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खुशामत्या, तोडपुज्या, ची खुशामत करणे
Toady :
- गोंडाtoadiestoadyingtoadyism

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Noun(1) a person who tries to please someone in order to gain a personal advantage
Verb(1) try to gain favor by cringing or flattering

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(1) In today 's climate, bishops need to reiterate their support for this ministry.(2) Three of the men appearing at Kinston Crown Court today were computer consultants.(3) They have kept it alive in the past and continue to make it plausible for millions of people today .(4) It's a big task, given that only ten per cent of humans have access to the Net today .(5) I can't see the controversy in producing books and literature that reflects today 's society.(6) He was remanded in custody and is due to appear before Doncaster Youth Court again today .(7) today is a day of rest(8) All thinking today seems to be for the current minute rather than the future.(9) The man and woman accused of his murder were due to appear before Bradford magistrates today .(10) the Ireland of today(11) The two anti-war groups said the plan was to present a legal case to the high court in London today .(12) She says today 's society is a toxic mix of social and economic pressures which impact negatively on child health.(13) Acquisition of an integration vendor would seem fair, given today 's economic climate.(14) This was a problem at the time but today few contemporary reds exhibit these old style faults.(15) He added that he still believes today 's young generation could battle for their country like his crew did.(16) He cut his head on countless occasions and, in today 's game, he would have had to go off but he never did.
Related Words
1. sycophant ::
अशी खुशामत
2. brown-noser ::
3. lickspittle ::
5. flunky ::
6. lackey ::
7. trained seal ::
प्रशिक्षित सील
8. doormat ::
लोकांनी दिलेली वाईट वागणूक सहन करणारी व्यक्ती
9. stooge ::
एखाद्यासाठी असे काम करणे
12. suck-up ::
शोषून घेणे-अप
13. yes-man ::
14. kiss-ass ::
15. ass-kisser ::
16. grovel to ::
ते लोंटागण घालणे
17. ingratiate oneself with ::
एखाद्याला मर्जी संपादणे
18. be obsequious to ::
ते आर्जवी असेल
19. kowtow to ::
ते टेकणे
20. pander to ::
ते अशा कामातील साथीदार
21. crawl to ::
ते क्रॉल
22. truckle to ::
ते निमूटपणे नमते घेणे
23. bow and scrape to ::
धनुष्य आणि निभावणे
24. curry favor with ::
आवडत करी
25. make up to ::
पर्यंत करा
27. slaver over ::
प्रती लाळणे
30. suck up to ::
ते शोषून घेणे
31. lick the boots of ::
च्या बूट चाटणे
32. butter up ::
लोणी वर
Different Forms
toadies, toady, toadying, toadyism
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