English to Marathi Meaning :: weed

च्यामधून रान उपटून टाकणे, नको असलेली रानटी झुडपे (रान गवत इ.)
Weed :
- तणweededवीडरचा वापरखुरपणीweedless

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Noun(1) any plant that crowds out cultivated plants(2) a black band worn by a man (on the arm or hat(3) street names for marijuana
Verb(1) eliminate urine(2) clear of weeds

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(1) He wasn't always pumping his body full of alcohol, weed , cocaine, painkillers or steroids.(2) Move over hydrilla, there's a bigger, meaner invasive aquatic weed in town.(3) It came out after the shooting that he happened to grow weed as well and within minutes the entire tragedy got turned into a debate about legalizing marijuana.(4) For best crops, weed and water regularly and consistently.(5) I tell her that no one has died from smoking weed , and that people die of alcohol every day.(6) If more effort were put into ensuring rivers and watercourses were properly dredged and cleared of weed and vegetation, it might have helped to contain the water, he said.(7) We go to a nearby coffee house, share a bag of weed , have coffee, and get to know each other.(8) smokers are advised to eat more fruit, as the weed can increase the risk of gastric cancer(9) His job will be to procure the marijuana and ensure a steady supply of quality weed .(10) at the far side of the beach the rocks began, some humped with brown weed(11) I woke to find Graham out in the garden carrying out some much needed maintenance on the fish pond, topping it up with fresh water and pulling out some weed .(12) Through rigorous screening - and I mean rigorous - and gut instinct, you can weed these people out .(13) From a distance, this appears to be the mottled brown of old brick, but as I get closer I see that there is a coating of fine brown weed .(14) They were also asking businesses, shops, etc to weed the area outside their premises every morning.(15) we must raise the level of research and weed out the poorest work(16) It has been listed as one of the 100 worst invasive alien species in the world, and it is considered the second most serious weed in the South Pacific.
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1. sess ::
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4. locoweed ::
5. skunk ::
या प्राण्याची लोकर
6. mary jane ::
मेरी जेन
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8. smoke ::
9. gage ::
10. relieve oneself ::
आपण आराम
11. wee-wee ::
12. take a leak ::
एक बातमी घेऊन
13. micturate ::
14. make ::
15. piss ::
लघवी करणे
16. make water ::
17. spend a penny ::
एक चांदीचे नाणे मजुरी खर्च
18. pee-pee ::
19. pee ::
20. puddle ::
21. urinate ::
22. pass water ::
पाणी पास
23. piddle ::
Different Forms
weed, weeded, weeder, weeders, weeding, weedless, weedy
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