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:: On balance having regard to the ambient background noise I consider that the additional vehicle movements would not generate such noise and disturbance as to unacceptably harm residents amenities:: The same year he would be called to the bar and later established a small practice in Montreal:: These two kinds of periodicity may coincide as in carefully endstopped lines or in the formulae chosen over centuries by the bards of oral traditions:: Half of the work for a standup comic is actually the willingness to put yourself out there and give it a shot:: I loved finding shibori indigo dyed fabrics in Beijing beautiful cottons in Florence and lovely crochet in Korea:: The world lies in strife in discord in divergence:: By comparison Phil Alden Robinsons Field Of Dreams is a far more stirring yet gentle sporting fable a hymn to selfbelief that continues to inspire:: From retro 80s to southern rock and grunge Broadways influences cover the musical spectrum:: His work on transcribing tombstone inscriptions was highly valued by students of history and genealogy:: The idea was to give journalists editors and publishers a chance to ask questions:: what about us lot:: What keeps people hunting these things is the air of mystery that surrounds them which is all too easily dispelled:: A joint initiative with BBC Talent the octet flew to the jungles of Borneo to undertake a project to save the life of endangered orangutans in the area:: The great weakness in the love plot of the novel as Trollope perceived was that Ralph the Heir is so chronically and incurably weak:: John Fahey the pioneering primitivist of the folkblues guitar died two years ago at 60 and on these his final recordings he seems to have been searching for some sort of resolution:: I dont doubt that the Times reporters get up in the morning and as I do look to see whether a favorite rumor has made it into print or on the air:: Men like the late Jim Butler and Seamus Sommers took us firsttimers out on the floor to teach us to waltz do foxtrots quicksteps and to samba:: The third great album from this Ohio quintet sees them in melancholy mood easing out songs packed with coy observations and lyrical moments:: He sambas he shimmies and he specialises in fastfootwork moves that delight the audience:: a simple random sample of fortyfive students:: Wrapping a towel around herself she stepped out of the shower stall and walked into the warm room searching for the shirt Kyle had given her:: Consumption is more than just French style and taste it represents the positioning of the self in a larger world:: Rushdies borrowings from Dante consist of topographical and stylistic devices:: lets take Napoleon for instance:: :: Norman needed a par to tie with Nicklaus:: The dance was well lovely swirling around the floor in his arms to soft music and it almost made her forget how hard shed worked in Social Dance to learn to waltz
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