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:: the law says that pit bull terriers have to wear a muzzle:: It must thus be proper to punish the parents by calling them from work so they can discipline their child to ensure compliance with the code of conduct of the school:: to play the lead role in sth:: The three athletes are very similar modest upbringings and supportive families have moulded them into hungry focused individuals:: The downstairs bar is a hive of diversity with shoppers tradesmen suits and tourists contributing to the sociable atmosphere:: He has straight mousey blonde hair and a pitted face which suggests he has suffered from acne at some point:: He gave the toddler a chuck under the chin which earned him a toothy grin:: Of the Pacific species chinook and coho are farmed while chum pink and sockeye salmon are not found in aquaculture operations:: The Jaguar is the largest cat native to the Western Hemisphere:: These deal with enquiries and claims for pension credit the state pension and winter fuel allowance:: An action group for the pensioners is contacting as many members of the fund as possible:: You get plenty of atmosphere and all the trimmings but in the civilised company of a group of convivial adults and someone else does the washingup:: Seth and Bridget were standing in one corner of the ballroom socializing with the other princes and princesses from other kingdoms:: They live in a world that seems to have rolled off the television screen dispensing to everyone bouncy pageboys chiffon scarves and madras shorts roller skates Dentyne and big fridges:: The communal nature of this endeavor is based in baptism because all who are baptized belong to Christ and are committed to follow him as disciples:: Once upon a time or at least last summer fairytale ogres and their sidekicks were the golden characters of Hollywood:: These publicityseeking selfappointed guardians of our morals have no right to dictate to us what we shall or shall not do:: She had already undergone two less invasive courses of fertility treatment called intrauterine insemination which most women try before IVF:: Events dear boy events prevented me posting as much as I would have liked:: We can keep an eye on her apartment and squeeze information from previous boyfriends :: Ten minutes can be a very long time if one has to listen to someone go on about the digestive disorder their senile aunt suffered from a few months back:: His only appearance in the senior side came in preseason in a friendly behind closed doors at Middlesbrough:: In Wangs ward in the Haematology Division only half of patients with cancer may survive:: its a girl cat:: When the two develop relationships with girlfriends jealous tempers flare
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