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प्रभुत्व, सत्ता, सर्वाधिकार, अधिकार, नियम, राज्य, प्राबल्य, सरकार, वर्चस्व, प्रभाव, teachership, कौशल्य
प्रभुत्व, transcendence, मालकी उजव्या

Mastery    :प्रभुत्व


Mastery - प्रभुत्व


Related Words

1. self-mastery :: स्वत: ची प्रभुत्व


1. proficiency :: नैपुण्य

2. skill :: कौशल्य

3. control :: नियंत्रण

4. command :: आदेश

5. subordination ::

6. supremacy :: सर्वाधिकार


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English to Marathi Dictionary: mastery
Meaning and definitions of mastery, translation in Marathi language for mastery with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of mastery in Marathi and in English language.

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What mastery means in Marathi, mastery meaning in Marathi, mastery definition, examples and pronunciation of mastery in Marathi language.

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