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Forward - (पुढे) :: I looked up and saw the huge hull of a docked superfreighter quickly filling my forward view

Uninstall - (विस्थापित) :: Go ahead and run your existing sound cards uninstaller

Drag - (ड्रॅग) :: the main drag

Chip - (चिप) :: memory chip


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Grain - (धान्य) :: At times they eat arthropods seeds and grain but they are more carnivorous than crows

Gram - (ग्रॅम) :: Put the natural yoghurt into a small blender with the garlic ginger salt oil leaves from three of the coriander sprigs and the gram flour

Grammar - (व्याकरण) :: All journalists I know correct a bit of bad grammar in an occasional quote out of courtesy to the source and reader

Grand - (भव्य) :: At fashion shows whether organised on a grand scale by professionals or at the amateur level by college students the saree display always fascinates the audience


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Ascetic - (संन्यासी) :: Nor will we gain any great wisdom through the more punitive ascetic methods

Asperity - (तीव्रता) :: They could also be very funny or at least generously sprinkled with oblique and telling asperities

Assay - (परीक्षा) :: The researchers say that this enables the coded particles to perform thousands of biochemical assays in a small beaker or a Petri dish

Assiduous - (उद्योगी) :: Plus being an assiduous multitasker he had other things he needed to accomplish on this record

Assuage - (शांत) :: I am having trouble structuring an argument which assuages my childrens disappointment on this one


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Gamboge (gamboge) :: There are many other wild and cultivated Garcinia spp some providing sweet fruits others tart seasonings medicines dyes the artists pigment gamboge substances used for tanning leather and timber

Hydroelectric (जलविद्युत) :: Electricity generated through the use of waterwheels or hydraulic turbines is known as hydroelectric power

Shrill (कर्कश) :: Criticism reached shrill heights during the leadup to the war against the dictator

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Noun :: त्रिक्रटांचे संयुक्त शासन
Meaning :: त्रिक्रटांचे संयुक्त शासन
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