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Mule - (रडणे) :: Instead we often get stuck riding a reliable mule up a rough trail

Crest - (माथा) :: Ahead the crest of the hill seemed as distant as ever


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Relax - (आराम) :: The reason for that is that adrenalin will smooth or relax the muscles in the lungs

Relaxed - (आरामशीर) :: Of course the first prerequisite is to have a flexible and relaxed body

Release - (प्रकाशन) :: to release a bird from a cage

Relevant - (संबंधित) :: They in turn would identify the relevant vehicle and stop it at a safe place in order to speak to the driver


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Ambidextrous - (डावा आणि उजवा हे दोन्ही हात सारख्याच कौशल्याने वापरणारा) :: The ambidextrous safety levers were just the right size big enough to be fast and positive to release small enough that they werent accidentally released in routine carry

Ambiguity - (संदिग्धता) :: So any question of ambiguity is really dealt with in accordance with those ordinary principles

Ambiguous - (संदिग्ध) :: The very nature of his removal remains for the moment ambiguous

Ambivalence - (परस्परविरोधी इच्छांचा एकाच वेळी संचार) :: government ambivalence towards the arts

Ambulatory - (चालता फिरता) :: Sites for recruitment were inpatient medical units and ambulatory care clinics of a university hospital physicians offices and churches


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Trouser (विजार) :: He scratches his right leg lifting his trouser to reveal a wide curved scar

Exist (अस्तित्वात) :: only a minority of people exist on unemployment benefits alone

Pressure (दबाव) :: Users can select the contact pressure position separation rate and test duration

Nobility (खानदानी लोक) :: Most of the characters reveal sorry weaknesses but also unsuspected bits of nobility

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Meaning :: निवास, राहिला, राहत्या घरी, राहते घर
Noun :: निवास, निवासाची सोय
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