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आधी येणारी गोष्ट, पूर्वगत गोष्ट, पूर्व, अग्र
Antecedent :
- पूर्वपूर्वज

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Noun(1) someone from whom you are descended (but usually more remote than a grandparent(2) a preceding occurrence or cause or event(3) anything that precedes something similar in time(4) the referent of an anaphor; a phrase or clause that is referred to by an anaphoric pronoun
Adjective(1) preceding in time or order

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(1) Our psychology must therefore take account not only of the conditions antecedent to mental states, but of their resultant consequences as well.(2) If the antecedent of a conditional is false, the statement is always true!(3) Indeed, despite antecedent ideas and practices, modern acupuncture, with such strange aspects as electro - acupuncture, may never have existed in traditional China in anything like the form that it is practised today.(4) However, an antecedent index in alphabetical order, giving the number of each item defined, allows these terms to be located quickly.(5) Behaviors are directed by the antecedent stimuli that preceded them and announce the availability of a positive or negative consequence.(6) So our antecedent concern emerged with a new clarity in the emotions we experienced.(7) There seem to be two changes: a loosening of the link backward to an antecedent noun phrase, and a loosening of the link forward to a modified noun phrase.(8) Frequently, the antecedent history is a narration of events of salvation; in later texts, it may be a list of exemplary figures or a dogmatic statement about the activity of God with the world.(9) When there is but one antecedent and one consequent, the ratio is called a simple ratio.(10) So it has a long antecedent history before it becomes clinically evident.(11) The second analogy - the principle of causality - specifies that for every event, there is some set of antecedent circumstances from which the event follows according to a rule.(12) The phenomenon is particularly interesting because the conditions under which complement anaphora (as this case of anaphora is called) is acceptable depend on formal properties of the antecedent determiner.(13) A neighbor of mine, a toddler, had diarrhea due to giardia infection, and one of the antecedent events was the swallowing of several gulps of stagnant water squeezed from a bath toy in an outdoor wading pool.(14) Professor Dyson, on the other hand, will ÔÇÿoffer more sophisticated and subtle analyses of cultural traits and racial behaviors that have their roots in antecedent practices.ÔÇÖ(15) Hawthorne's text is studiously inscrutable about events antecedent to Hester's being branded adulteress.(16) But I didn't put them prominently in the article because I was trying to address an antecedent point about how we think about them.
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Different Forms
antecedent, antecedents
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