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Currency - (चलन) :: currency control

Chain - (साखळी) :: And the Rayong plant may have the distinction of operating the worlds longest supply chain

Florist - (फुले विकणारा) :: Among the services offered was a lifetime contract for fresh flowers on the graves which Parker promised to arrange with a local florists

Haggle - (किमतीवरून घासाघीस करणे) :: I have a bus to catch in five minutes and I cant waste my time haggling with you

Promotion - (जाहिरात) :: The agency has recently completed projects for major clients in web print packaging advertising sales promotion and exhibition design


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Tunnel - (बोगदा) :: A tunnel closed and the road was down to two lanes

Turn - (वळण) :: Schrekers opera not as a work from a turn of the century long ago but as a paradigm with very contemporary relevance

Twelve - (बारा) :: At ten past twelve I looked at my watch and realised oh

Twenty - (वीस) :: However the biggest sign of political pulling power is the ability to gather twenty or thirty people to gaze outwardly at the TV cameras from behind the leader while he is speaking

Twice - (दोनदा) :: Two students who went to her aid were shot one in the leg the other twice in the stomach


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Proximate - (जवळची) :: He declared his own position to be Constructive Idealism derived from Kantian Idealism though more proximately from British Idealism especially the work of TH Green

Prudence - (सारासार विचार) :: we need to exercise prudence in such important matters

Prudent - (शहाणा) :: Auditors have praised Greenwich Council for its prudent management of public money

Prudish - (ढोंगी) :: But in the prudish 1840s women were expected to know their place and it did not involve depicting headstrong passionate women who became enamoured with married men

Prune - (मनुका) :: Do not prune either streptosolen or fuchsia for they bloom in winter on growth started in early fall


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Congratulation (अभिनंदन) :: It was ritualised listless clapping not genuine congratulation at fine play

Biannual (वर्षातून दोनदा) :: Currently the only publicly funded showcase for local talent at the festival is the British Councils biannual event to which it invites 250 international talent scouts

Barley (बार्ली) :: Beer can range from light ales to dark stouts depending on the proportions of malt and barley

Straightforward (सोपे) :: its straightforward greed

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