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Fable - (दंतकथा) :: By comparison Phil Alden Robinsons Field Of Dreams is a far more stirring yet gentle sporting fable a hymn to selfbelief that continues to inspire

Aspirate - (ध्वनी) :: Versions of the engine will be both naturally aspirated and turbocharged and applications will include front rear and allwheeldrive as well as hybrid vehicles

Hebrew - (हिब्रू) ::

Comma - (स्वल्पविराम) :: May as well clump them all together in one enormous paragraph separated only by commas

Masculine - (मर्दानी) :: The result seems very much a mix of the two genders with the emphasis on the masculine


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Session - (सत्र) :: Gardner may have sunk a few pints in an afternoon drinking session with his brother but the freelance chef and occasional actor isnt a serial killer plotting the disposal of his latest victim

Set - (संच) :: By that time the bones had set so doctors had to break the bones again in order to permit a proper resetting

Settle - (ठरविणे) :: Find a nice girl and settle down bring up some children get a steady job in management

Seven - (सात) :: If the seven of the trump suit is led it wins

Seventeen - (सतरा) :: He looked about sixteen or seventeen and his black hair was spiked up


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Nexus - (Nexus) :: And here one of the things that we really focus on is sort of the nexus of the past and the present and how the past has come back basically to destroy the present because of what happened then

Niggardly - (चिक्कू) :: I remain lukewarm in my praise for this change whilst the Conservative Party continues to be so niggardly in its support for the rights of the individual in hisher dealings with the State

Noisome - (आरोग्याला अपायकारक) :: Yes water would allow people to wash their hands and flush much of this noisomeness away

Nomadic - (भटक्या) ::

Nonchalance - (अविचलता) :: an air of nonchalance


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Puerile (पोरकट) :: Opposition may sometimes seem like a game and there is nothing more puerile than politicians yahbooing each other purely for the sake of it

Conjunctive (conjunctive) :: This conjunctive outcome was compared with an unlikely single event a context in which as noted above the fallacy is commonplace

Atomic (आण्विक) :: Dispersed material may range in size from particles of atomic and molecular dimensions to particles whose size is measured in millimeters

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Noun :: पडदा, अंगरखा, क्रिकेट, चित्रपट, आवरण, आच्छादन किंवा वाहिनीचे अस्तर, पांघरूण, झाकून टाकणारे काहीही, आच्छादन, बुरखा, स्क्रीन
Meaning :: पडदा
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