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Paddock - (बेडूक) :: A different kind of scheme was going on in the paddock at the racecourse

Ridge - (रिज) :: a highpressure ridge helping to steer cyclones further south

Snowstorm - (हिमवादळ) :: We are hoping that this will be a very busy year and the talk of tornados and snowstorms wont put people off

Lava - (ज्वालामुखीतून बाहेर फेकला जाणारा तप्त शिलारस) :: By contrast lavas emitted by Hawaiian volcanoes can flow for upwards of miles they flow like rivers


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Spite - (असूनही) :: it seemed as if the wind had a spite at her

Split - (विभाजित) :: the accusations caused a split in the party

Spoil - (खराब करणे) :: colliery spoil

Spoken - (स्पोकन) ::

Spoon - (चमचा) :: She was smoking a cheap cigarette while spooning white sugar into a cup of tea stewed from the cheapest of teabags


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Taciturn - (अबोल) :: Our group was a taciturn group of actors from theater TV and film and we didnt even really meet beforehand

Tactile - (स्पर्श) :: As an adult the stilllonely Amlie struggles to connect with anyone and takes pleasure in such simple tactile things as skimming stones or thrusting her hand into a bag of dried lentils

Talisman - (ताईत) :: Songstones were placed along the borders of the villages of the songweavers and their strange powers made them effective talismans for warding off danger


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Consummation (सांगता) :: But not all unions are the same nor should the consummation of all unions be desired

Tether (टिथरवर) :: Two men were sleeping there one on either side of the fire and one horse was tethered on a lead rope

Breakwater (लाटांचा जोर कमी करण्यासाठी घातलेला बंधारा) :: In the 19th century the greatest engineering addition to the bay was the construction of Dun Laoghaire Harbour with its twotiered breakwaters or piers and wonderful granite stonework

Seldom (क्वचितच) :: The actors seldom move they are like tortured figures on a frieze in a besieged acropolis

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