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Grin - (विकट हास्य) :: He had the brightest blue eyes and a wide toothy grin

Languid - (सुस्तावलेला) :: The people who moved in the languid yet haughty movements of the proper dances of the day seemed like ghosts to her ghosts from a world which she did not know

Mullet - (mullet) :: Im going to drink nothing but warm Budweiser cut my hair into a mullet and turn my living room into a replica of Nassau Coliseum complete with strobe and laser lights and bad acoustics

Plaque - (प्लेग) :: This involves a thorough clean and polish of the teeth to remove the sticky plaque that can build up

Lank - (उंच व सडपातळ) :: Close up Penny could see he had mud in his long lank hair


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Mid - (चेंडू) :: This is the last building they saw well before they were deployed back in mid February for the Middle East

Midday - (मध्यान्ह) :: He pointed to the massive rock behind which I had been shading from the midday sun

Middle - (मध्यम) :: In the new works she reduces her choice of colors to three merging the middle bands into a large central field

Midnight - (मध्यरात्री) :: I faced a difficult political decision when work ended at midnight last night

Might - (कदाचित) :: Powerful minds can project incredibly rich suggestions of what it might feel like but you dont know


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Mutinous - (त्यांचा स्वभाव बंडखोर) :: Kitty suddenly bent towards her brown eyes flashing mutinously

Myriad - (दहा हजार) :: Check out the myriad DIY lighting systems available in local garden centres and DIY stores for this very purpose

Nadir - (पायथ्यापर्यंत) :: Yet 7 years on from that nadir in the club fortunes Doncaster Rovers are in rude health and aiming for their highest League position since the 1950s

Nascent - (नुकताच अस्तित्वात आलेला) :: These were years of nascent economic infrastructural and political modernization

Natty - (नीटनेटका) :: I change it for one of my natty stripey ties Stylish


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Compeer (सोबती) :: He remained distant from his compeers on stage thus condemning Barrits Falstaff to an early acceptance of impending rejection and robbing their final confrontation of emotional power

Regenerate (निर्माण) :: The point is that once upon a time we didnt think that brains could regenerate

Codex (ग्रंथ) :: She peppers her recipes with citations from the ancient Aztec codices

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Noun :: भूपृष्ठाखालील मातीचा थर
Meaning :: भूपृष्ठाखालील मातीचा थर
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