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Marten - (मौल्यवान लोकर असलेला वीझलच्या जातीचा एक लहान, चपळ प्राणी) :: Aberts and northern flying squirrels as well as martens and bushytailed wood rats are known to utilize witchesbrooms for nesting or protection

Mutt - (mutt) :: Most dog breeds are highly inbred and therefore the level of homogeneity is greater in purebred dogs than in mutts

Walrus - (वालरस) :: When Qallunaat introduced guns to Inuit we only used them for the purpose of hunting wild game such as caribou polar bears seals walruses beluga and narwhal and everything that is edible


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Conference - (परिषद) :: Upon release of this decision the parties may arrange to address costs either in person or by telephone conference call through the trial coordinator in Newmarket

Confidence - (आत्मविश्वास) :: The drill improves execution strengthens rebounding ability and builds confidence

Confident - (विश्वास) :: He was confident of winning with a stoppage and Im sure he would have done if hed had the chance

Confine - (बांधणे) :: A highly infectious disease it passes easily from sheep to sheep particularly when they are confined in a small space during housing periods of supplementary feeding or even in handling yards

Confined - (मर्यादीत) :: Is it just me or is stinking up confined public places with solvents a well a stinky thing to do


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Circuitous - (चक्रीय) :: Were taking a rather circuitous route to Waterloo so I can pick them up

Circumlocution - (द्राविडी प्राणायामाने) :: After 20 years in the Senate he has developed a meandering circumlocutory speaking style

Circumscribe - (घेरणे) :: The practice is severely circumscribed and tightly regulated


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Stumble (ठेच) :: This change in balance caused her to stumble and erupt in a fit of giggles

Madden (बेभान करणे किंवा होणे) :: I was so maddened by this disc I almost decided not to review it or to recommend no one buy it

Belong (संबंधित) :: It was fulfilling to see a club that has battled against adversity for so long finally get back to where they believe they rightly belong

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Noun :: विंग, पक्ष, भाग, वतीने, बाजूला, पती, पत्नी, दिशा, नाव, फायद्यासाठी, अर्थ, कारण, वसंत ऋतू, पालक, फायदा, मर्जी, लाभ, चांगला, नफा, आधार, मदत, पटकावले, पुष्टी, आवळणे, सोयीसाठी, संरक्षण, बचावात्मक
Meaning :: वतीने, संदर्भ, प्रबंध, संदर्भ न
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