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मनगटाच्या पुढचा भाग, चार इंचांचे माप, कामगार, हाताचे कौशल्य, कुशलतने काम करणारी अनुभवी व्यक्ती, पाळी, हातासारखी दिसणारी किंवा उपयोगात येणारी वस्तू
Hand :
- हातहातानेमूठभरसोयीनेद्यायच्या

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Noun(1) the (prehensile(2) a hired laborer on a farm or ranch(3) something written by hand(4) ability(5) a position given by its location to the side of an object(6) the cards held in a card game by a given player at any given time(7) one of two sides of an issue(8) a rotating pointer on the face of a timepiece(9) a unit of length equal to 4 inches; used in measuring horses(10) a member of the crew of a ship(11) a card player in a game of bridge(12) a round of applause to signify approval(13) terminal part of the forelimb in certain vertebrates (e.g. apes or kangaroos, Mass.(14) physical assistance
Verb(1) place into the hands or custody of(2) guide or conduct or usher somewhere

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(1) Bradford's Industrial Museum has been giving a helping hand to a textile archive in Leeds.(2) Good luck to James, who is from Curry, who is a top hand at getting all the top name bands for the fans.(3) Car parking is supervised by Roy who is no mean hand at turning out a tasty tiramisu when occasion demands.(4) she walked in, notebook in hand(5) He had a hand in all four goals that gave Celtic an astonishing victory over the Serie A giants.(6) he had a big hand in organizing the event(7) I was just about to bend over and pick it up when who should hand it to me but John himself.(8) she is still trying to get her hand in(9) his idiosyncratic hand(10) hand in the main!(11) I presume the both of them cannot understand English but my hand signals were clear enough.(12) Step forward our friends at - you guessed it, give them a big hand - Scotland on Sunday.(13) The CO gave us a hand signal to show that we had to climb up into the clouds to over 6,000 ft.(14) She was holding a duffel bag and pair of high heels in one hand , and a bottle of Tylenol in the other.(15) It does not matter that they are multiples or that we cannot actually see the artists' hand in the facture of the work.(16) his fans gave him a big hand
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नियुक्त मनुष्य
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पूल खेळाडू
12. helping hand ::
मदतीचा हात
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14. give ::
1. employer ::
Different Forms
hand, handed, handful, handfuls, handily, handing, hands, unhand, unhanded, unhanding, unhands
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