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दिवा, प्रकाश पुरवणारे कोणतेही साधन, प्रदिर्घ अभ्यासाचे चिन्ह असणे
Lamp :
- दिवादिवे

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Noun(1) an artificial source of visible illumination(2) a piece of furniture holding one or more electric light bulbs

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(1) The bulb in the shell-shaped lamp on the wall flickered like a strobe light and painted irregular shadows on the walls.(2) I switched on my bedside lamp and looked at the alarm clock.(3) They established universities in Granada and Cordova in Spain and lit the lamp of enlightenment in a Europe immersed in darkness.(4) The lamp of experience ordinarily guides our footsteps, but this year the lamp is dim.(5) Simply sitting in front of a lamp in your living room at home won't relieve symptoms of seasonal affective disorder.(6) Yawning, I pad over to my desk and switch on the lamp .(7) The color balance will be natural in the areas lit by daylight but have a warm glow in areas lit by the lamp and candles.(8) The poet lights a lamp to the source of all light.(9) Whoever despaired of the world, he, at least, kept the lamp of hope burning brightly in his soul.(10) a table lamp(11) The living room was just as I remembered it, with a single lamp covered with a stained glass shade illuminating the entire room.(12) Heat treatment, using an infra-red lamp is an option.(13) inspectors can lamp the lines between the manholes for routine maintenance observations(14) Ghost switched her lamp off and they both went to sleep.(15) As it gets dark, behind the windows partly blocked by sandbags, they light a paraffin lamp .(16) His father turned on a small lamp with a rose-colored shade, which cast a dull light across a wide bed, spread with a plum satin coverlet.
Related Words
(1) limp ::
1. light ::
2. lantern ::
3. floor lamp ::
मजला दिवा
4. table lamp ::
टेबल दिवा
5. bedside lamp ::
पलंगाकडचा दिवा
6. banker's lamp ::
बँकाची दिवा
7. gooseneck lamp ::
gooseneck दिवा
8. chandelier ::
10. candelabra ::
12. floodlight ::
13. spotlight ::
14. strobe light ::
strobe प्रकाश
15. arc lamp ::
कंस दिवा
16. fluorescent lamp ::
fluorescent दिवा
17. track lights ::
ट्रॅक दिवे
18. lava lamp ::
ज्वालामुखीतून बाहेर फेकला जाणारा तप्त शिलारस दिवा
19. sunlamp ::
अल्ट्राव्हायोलेट किरण देणारा दिवा
20. flashlight ::
21. streetlight ::
पथ - दीप
25. storm lantern ::
वादळ कंदील
26. hurricane lamp ::
चक्रीवादळ दिवा
27. oil lamp ::
तेल दिवा
28. kerosene lamp ::
केरोसिन दिवा
30. hobble ::
लंगडत लंगडत चालणे
31. walk with a limp ::
एक मरगळलेला, चालणे
32. walk lamely ::
lamely चालणे
33. walk unevenly ::
असमान चालणे
34. walk haltingly ::
ट फ चालणे
35. hitch ::
बांधून ठेवणे
36. falter ::
37. stumble ::
38. lurch ::
Different Forms
lamp, lamps
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