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ढेकूळ, डिखळ, टेंगूळ, बेडैाल मनुष्य, च्या गुठळ्या होणे, एक ढीग करणे, कसेतरी सहन करणे
Lump :
- ढेकूळlumpedlumpenlumpingमूर्ख

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Noun(1) a compact mass(2) an abnormal protuberance or localized enlargement(3) an awkward stupid person(4) a large piece of something without definite shape
Verb(1) put together indiscriminately(2) group or chunk together in a certain order or place side by side

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(1) She went through surgery to remove a cancerous lump on her right breast and 17 surrounding lymph nodes.(2) there was a lump of ice floating in the milk(3) He may look pretty - at least by comparison with me - but he's a big lump , and puts it about.(4) The shopkeeper had placed a small lump of coal in the centre of each to avert the evil eye.(5) If you find anything unusual during a self-exam (like a lump or swelling), see your doctor right away.(6) the coalman had to lump one-hundredweight sacks right through the house(7) On one occasion, a lump of a stone was hurdled through her bedroom window and landed on the floor after passing over her while she slept inside.(8) Then it's all nicely combined into a big lump of dough.(9) Tearing a piece from a large lump of kneaded dough on the metal table, the master baker swiftly rolled it out into a long, tube-like form.(10) If the discomfort is associated with other symptoms, such as a lump or skin changes, see a doctor as soon as possible.(11) Her mother also had a benign lump removed.(12) I started with a lump of clay and pulled it up into a cylinder.(13) My face is swollen and I've got a huge lump on my gum that throbs.(14) he was unhurt apart from a huge lump on his head(15) Michael will talk about the book and use a lump of stone and a piece of gold to illustrate themes of alchemy.(16) Ask your doctor to check you over if you find an unexplained, tender lump on your head.
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Different Forms
lump, lumped, lumpen, lumping, lumpish, lumps, lumpy
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