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वाक्यांश, अर्थपूर्ण शब्दसमूह, वाक्संप्रदाय, वाक्प्रचार, शब्दांत व्यक्त करणे
Phrase :
- वाक्यांशphrasedवाक्येवाक्यांश

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Noun(1) an expression consisting of one or more words forming a grammatical constituent of a sentence(2) a short musical passage(3) an expression whose meanings cannot be inferred from the meanings of the words that make it up(4) dance movements that are linked in a single choreographic sequence
Verb(1) put into words or an expression(2) divide, combine, or mark into phrases

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(1) Soames looked him up and down before dismissing him with a pithy phrase from a great wartime leader.(2) Selim Palmgren's works for solo piano evoke a similar atmosphere, and somehow Finnish pianists understand perfectly how to phrase his music.(3) You can assess how much expression to give, and how to phrase the music in the absence of score markings.(4) his favourite phrase is ÔÇÿit's a pleasureÔÇÖ(5) Speculation is rife as to how Chen will phrase his words May 20 in a bid to ÔÇÿsquare the circleÔÇÖ of trying to keep China happy and at the same time not budging on the sovereignty issue.(6) It is my fault, I did not phrase the question correctly.(7) A note, a phrase , or a section of music has embodied meaning, because it points to and makes us expect another musical (not extramusical) event.(8) It's obligatory to have either a direct object or a preposition phrase with ÔÇÿforÔÇÖ.(9) it's important to phrase the question correctly(10) Though it may have been somewhat culturally insensitive or politically incorrect to use the phrase , the expression won't qualify as a racist slur.(11) Points will be awarded for two things: how obscure the connection is and how unusual the word or phrase you searched for is.(12) But you have tried to phrase your words in a more pleasant tone.(13) Infra dig is short for the Latin phrase infra dignitatem which means beneath one's dignity.(14) At the end of it all are words, pure and simple - and how you phrase those words and get across what you're saying is the most important thing.(15) Breathe naturally, lout slowly, silently repeating your focus word or phrase every time you exhale.(16) And the connection is a pithy phrase of Deputy Noonan's dating back to the 1987 election campaign.
Related Words
(1) noun phrase ::
नाम वाक्यांश
1. expression ::
2. group of words ::
शब्द गट
3. construction ::
4. locution ::
5. term ::
6. turn of phrase ::
वाक्यांश वळण
7. idiom ::
शाब्दिक अभिव्यक्तीचा
8. idiomatic expression ::
idiomatic अभिव्यक्ती
9. saying ::
10. tag ::
11. express ::
12. put into words ::
शब्द ठेवण्यात
13. put ::
14. word ::
15. style ::
16. formulate ::
17. couch ::
18. frame ::
19. articulate ::
स्वत: ची मते स्पष्ट शब्दात मांडू शकणारा
20. verbalize ::
Different Forms
phrase, phrased, phrases, phrasing, phrasings
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