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टोमणा, सणसणीत उत्तर देणे, उत्तरास प्रत्युत्तर करणे, ऊर्ध्वपातन यंत्रात घालून तापवून गाळणे, प्रतिटोला (जशास तसे उत्तर), ऊर्ध्वपातन यंत्र (बकपात्र)
Retort :
- टोमणाम्हणालेretortingretorts

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Noun(1) a quick reply to a question or remark (especially a witty or critical one(2) a vessel where substances are distilled or decomposed by heat
Verb(1) answer back

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(1) Cordelia rolled her eyes, but was too tired to give a scathing retort .(2) Jamie was about to retort the remark made by someone behind Maddie but found her words stuck in her throat as that person slowly came into view.(3) He drew away slowly, with no angry retort to throw back at her.(4) Keziah tried to think up a suitably sarcastic retort quickly, but her mind was blank.(5) Everyone discreetly turned his or her head towards Jordan, ready for the retort , and the angry outburst, but he merely shrugged.(6) she opened her mouth to make a suitably cutting retort(7) Christopher clenched his jaw, fighting back the sharp retort and the wave of agony-driven rage as the carriage lurched to a stop outside the Donovan home.(8) The in situ process may not require mine workings or large surface plant facilities to crush and retort the shale, and it avoids the necessity of removing overburden and waste shale to dumps with its consequent environmental problems.(9) Before Roman could open his mouth to retort , Lenore answered.(10) Trent breathed in deeply, fighting the urge to retort something regrettable.(11) I opened my mouth to retort but couldn't quite come up with anything witty or smart or right.(12) it was now his time to retort the humiliation(13) Andra had to literally bite her tongue to hold back the sharp retort quickly forming there.(14) Sydney's eyes narrowed in response and she willed her sharp tongue to spit back a scathing retort .(15) Lydia's lips tightened, and she bit back a sharp retort .(16) he was resolute to retort the charge of treason on his foes
Related Words
(1) retort stand ::
टोमणा भूमिका
1. answer ::
2. reply ::
3. response ::
4. return ::
5. counter ::
6. rejoinder ::
उलट उत्तर
7. riposte ::
उत्तर देणे
9. comeback ::
परत ये
10. answer ::
11. reply ::
12. respond ::
13. say in response ::
प्रतिसाद म्हणू
14. return ::
15. counter ::
16. rejoin ::
पुन्हा सामील व्हा
17. riposte ::
उत्तर देणे
18. retaliate ::
जशास तसे
19. snap back ::
परत स्नॅप
Different Forms
retort, retorted, retorting, retorts
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