English to Marathi Meaning :: rudimentary

प्राथमिक, अविकसित
Rudimentary :
- प्राथमिक

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Adjective(1) being or involving basic facts or principles(2) being in the earliest stages of development(3) not fully developed in mature animals

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(1) In rare cases the first thoracic rib may be rudimentary and similar in appearance to cervical ribs.(2) Even as embryos, we possess many anatomical features of our future adult bodies, albeit often in rudimentary form.(3) School inspectors' reports suggest that education was rudimentary .(4) One of my proudest achievements as an adult is having picked up a rudimentary understanding of test cricket.(5) Occasionally babies are born without a thumb or with a rudimentary thumb.(6) He spoke no English until the age of 12 and received only a rudimentary education.(7) It has one set of compound eyes like a fly's, one set of simple, rudimentary eyes, and multiple photoreceptors on its telson.(8) There is no evidence that primates have any, even rudimentary , human-like insight into the effect of their communications.(9) Several hours earlier we had been given a rudimentary map, told how to switch the engine on or off and that was it.(10) The rudimentary external genitalia are similarly common to male and female in the early weeks of fetal life.(11) With only a rudimentary education in Afrikaans they are denied access to a functional mastery of English.(12) Although there is no substantive evidence of apes having a theory of mind, they may possess its precursor - a rudimentary self-awareness.(13) The imaginal discs now develop into rudimentary adult appendages like wings, legs, and antennae.(14) The long bones of the limbs appeared as rudimentary ossicles.(15) Field commanders were tethered to and limited by a very rudimentary logistics infrastructure.(16) When I first got into it, the visual language of television animation was very, very rudimentary .
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खूण म्हणून राहिलेला
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