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Takedown :
- काढण्याची

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Noun(1) (amateur wrestling(2) a crushing remark

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(1) It's not that it's a huge gun; it's just that the front portion is extremely square, and the takedown lever sticks out a bit.(2) My version has no stock slot, but does have the takedown lever.(3) One neighbour was told by an officer that they were ‘executing a dynamic takedown .’(4) It has the same takedown feature as the Model 9422 Winchester.(5) Regardless, Taylor's & Co. is now offering a Model 92 as a perfect companion for .44 Special sixguns with the added bonus of being a takedown rifle.(6) The old Favorites were all takedown guns, while the new Model 30G was a solid frame.(7) The takedown latch is located right above the trigger and couldn't be much easier.(8) In the December, '02 issue of GUNS Magazine, we ran a story on the Savage model 30 Favorite including a simple modification to make it into a takedown rifle.(9) I had an advantage over all the other boys I had to wrestle; Ambucs had a fantastic head coach who taught us techniques out of any jam and ways of surprising your opponent with a takedown .(10) Carbines were only $21, and by this time Winchester had developed their takedown system which made gun carrying handier for railroad travelers.(11) Whether you were riding the streetcar out of town for a day of woods loafing, or taking the train for a two week holiday in the Adirondacks, a takedown rifle was markedly easier to carry.(12) The Court was concerned in that case with a videotaped re-enactment of a police takedown .(13) On the left side of the frame, just forward of the trigger, is the takedown lever.(14) The bad news is that we will need to be a little more careful to insure that the takedown screw remains tight when the rifle is in use.(15) While the fit is superb I would prefer a gun you can push the takedown pin out on by hand.(16) There's no need to pull the trigger or manipulate the slide to find a ‘sweet’ spot or fiddle with a small takedown latch.
Related Words
(1) take-down ::
1. put-down ::
खाली ठेवले
2. tear down ::
3. bring down ::
खाली आणा
4. note ::
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