English to Marathi Meaning of bite - हानी

Bite :

हानी, नाश्ता, नांगी, थोडा, वेदना, मोठा धक्का बसला आहे, तडाखा, घसा, जखमेच्या, धक्का, भाकरीचा तुकडा, मूठभर, स्ट्रोक, पंजा, पाम, तोडणे, जप्त, आ, गिळण्याची क्रिया

हानी, हाताळताना, धरा, वर धारण, लागू, घट्ट पकडणे, नांगी, छळणे, रिकामी, खराब होणे, शिकार, उधळणे, ची फसवणूक होऊ, फसणे, swindled केले, स्ट्राइक, मोठा आवाज, निर्णायक, तडाखा, येथे रॅप, पंजा, रॅम, निवडा, आमिष, यातना, लगावणे

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Definitions of bite in English
Noun(1) a wound resulting from biting by an animal or a person(2) a small amount of solid food; a mouthful(3) a painful wound caused by the thrust of an insect's stinger into skin(4) a light informal meal(5) (angling(6) wit having a sharp and caustic quality(7) a strong odor or taste property(8) the act of gripping or chewing off with the teeth and jaws(9) a portion removed from the whole
Verb(1) to grip, cut off, or tear with or as if with the teeth or jaws(2) cause a sharp or stinging pain or discomfort(3) penetrate or cut, as with a knife(4) deliver a sting to
Examples of bite in English
(1) I glared at her while taking a bite of the scrumptious piece of buttered and toasted bread.(2) There may be situations, your Honour, where that section may bite to ensnare a situation which at first glance one would think would not be covered.(3) Sherry vinegar brightens salad dressings with a sharp bite of purple grapes.(4) Unlike last year, there won't be a bar so bring a packed lunch for a bite to eat and drink.(5) Rabies is an invariably fatal viral disease caused by the bite of an infected animal, usually a dog.(6) Robyn took a large bite out of her sandwich(7) No great penalty because the weather has turned somewhat grey and dour, with a bite in the wind that's guaranteed to find its way through all but the stoutest of outdoor clothing.(8) It's a small bite of interesting thoughts, statistics and references.(9) The next time your all set to bite into a succulent Fish, think Yana Gupta.(10) The pressures were starting to bite even before the long term effects of foot and mouth spread into the sector.(11) The wind now has a bite that it did not have just a few days ago.(12) I asked, grabbing a piece of toast and taking a satisfying bite .(13) The gentler side of onions comes out in the cooking - but even when their pungency has been tamed, they retain a little bite to remind you of their wild past.(14) Snappers strike viciously when lifted from water or teased and can inflict a serious bite .(15) a hundred or so retailers should bite(16) They use their ability to produce venom to defend them against predators and with their large fangs they are able to deliver a nasty bite .
Related Phrases of bite
(1) bite off ::
बंद हानी
(2) insect bite ::
कीटक दंश
(3) love bite ::
प्रेम चाव्याव्दारे
(4) sound bite ::
आवाज चाव्याव्दारे
(5) bite the dust ::
धूळ हानी
(6) mosquito bite ::
डास चावल्यानंतर
(7) bite the bullet ::
बुलेट हानी
(8) take a bite ::
एक उष्टे
1. sink one's teeth into ::
मध्ये एक दात पाडणे
2. corrode ::
खराब होणे
3. accept ::
4. sting ::
5. munch ::
रवंथ करणे
6. mouthful ::
7. a snack ::
एक नाश्ता
8. sting ::
9. piquancy ::
10. bit ::
11. chomp ::
12. snack ::
13. pungency ::
Different Forms
bite, bites, biting
Word Example from TV Shows
and that you have to pay
for every bite you take.

and that you have to pay for every BITE you take.

Game of Thrones Season 3, Episode 8

You better eat every bite of that.

You better eat every BITE of that.

Breaking Bad Season 2, Episode 2

This is the bite of a fly.

This is the BITE of a fly.

Game of Thrones Season 1, Episode 8

We don't bite. No judgements.

We don't BITE. No judgements.

Breaking Bad Season 3, Episode 11

and three gross coconut ones
with a bite taken out.

and three gross coconut ones with a BITE taken out.

The Big Bang Theory Season 7, Episode 15

English to Marathi Dictionary: bite

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