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हॉटेलातील, पहारेकरी, नजर, वॉर्डन, पाहू

Concierge    :हॉटेलातील


Concierge - हॉटेलातील

Concierges :: concierges



1. doorkeeper :: द्वारपाल

2. doorman :: रखवालदार

3. porter :: हमाल

4. attendant :: सेवक

5. superintendent :: अधीक्षक

Different forms

concierge, concierges

English to Marathi Dictionary: concierge
Meaning and definitions of concierge, translation in Marathi language for concierge with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of concierge in Marathi and in English language.

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What concierge means in Marathi, concierge meaning in Marathi, concierge definition, examples and pronunciation of concierge in Marathi language.

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