English to Marathi Meaning of fat - चरबी

Fat :

चरबी, स्वयंपाकात वापरण्याची डुकराची चरबी, चरबीयुक्त, तेल, कोशिंबीर तेल, वंगण, गडद कंदील, सार

चरबी, वंगण, योग्य, गोंडस, स्थूल, सुपीक, उत्पादनशील, फलदायी, उत्पादनक्षम, अत्यंत सुपीक, श्रीमंत, मधूर, भरघोस, संपन्न, फुगलेला, फॅटी, भांडे उदर असलेला, एकूण, दिखाऊ, क्रूड, धीट, निरर्थक, चरबीयुक्त, तेलकट, स्निग्ध, सुंदर, लठ्ठ, गलेलठ्ठ, अवजड, गोंधळलेली अवस्था व्यक्त करणारा, मंद, बोथट, जाड व्यवहारी, सुरकुतलेला, बोजड, स्नायुंचा, व्यापक, रुंद, महान, जड, जाड, मजबूत, गुबगुबीत, खडबडीत, उकिडवे बसणे, स्वयंपाकात वापरण्याची डुकराची चरबी, दुस-याच्या जिवावर भरभराट होणे, अधिकाधिक गुंतागुंतीचा, पुष्ट, चरबी वाढू, उद्धट राहा

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Definitions of fat in English
Noun(1) a soft greasy substance occurring in organic tissue and consisting of a mixture of lipids (mostly triglycerides(2) a kind of body tissue containing stored fat that serves as a source of energy; it also cushions and insulates vital organs(3) excess bodily weight
Verb(1) make fat or plump
Adjective(1) having an (over(2) having a relatively large diameter(3) containing or composed of fat(4) lucrative(5) marked by great fruitfulness
Examples of fat in English
(1) Everyday, I see people not much older than me, fat and enslaved to cigarettes and/or alcohol struggling to get on/off a bus let alone walking somewhere.(2) That being done, the flesh was raked into small shreds and blended with the warm cooking fat to form a rustic paste.(3) And she praised the television advert with fat dripping from a cigarette end as a group of friends smoke in a pub.(4) In any case, there is fat chance of finding alternative employment in this area, which to an untutored eye looks rich in natural assets.(5) Instead, I just soaked fruits directly in liquors, without adding sugar or fat , which is what I used to do before.(6) There is a similarly fat chance of us accepting the other unquestioned assumptions underpinning misanthropic doom-mongering about health.(7) Shell makes an interesting point about very fat people: in order to carry that enormous extra weight around with them, they have much more powerful muscles than less fat people do.(8) A groovy looking website with nothing to say or to do is a fat lot of use.(9) Trim the fat from meat and poultry, says Potter, because pesticides and other additives concentrate there.(10) Losing just a few pounds of excess fat will go a long way toward improving your health.(11) The press has done a public service exposing this government's fondness for spin, rich businessmen and fat donation cheques.(12) According to respected gerontologist Kazuhiko Taira, the most common cooking fat used traditionally in Okinawa is lard.(13) To lose body fat , you should eat fewer calories and increase your exercise.(14) I'm just glad Rob didn't win (though he's got his hands on the money via matrimony anyway), and that Rupert got a nice fat cheque.(15) By late adolescence, girls have twice the body fat of boys, and boys have one-third greater muscle mass than girls.(16) Whenever possible I cook from scratch, using fresh and organic ingredients, keeping animal fat , sugar and salt to a minimum
Related Phrases of fat
(1) fat man ::
जाडा माणूस
(2) saturated fat ::
संपृक्त चरबी
(3) get fat ::
चरबी प्राप्त
(4) fat lip ::
जाड ओठ
(5) fat cat ::
चरबी मांजर
(6) fat woman ::
लट्ठ महिला
(7) very fat ::
अतिशय लठ्ठ
(8) too fat ::
खुपच लठ्ठ
(9) low-fat ::
कमी चरबी
1. plump ::
2. fatty ::
3. thick ::
4. large ::
5. juicy ::
6. productive ::
7. fatty tissue ::
फॅटी मेदयुक्त
10. adipose tissue ::
चरबीयुक्त मेदयुक्त
11. plump out ::
बाहेर गोंडस
1. lean ::
2. slender ::
3. slim ::
4. spare ::
5. thin ::
Different Forms
fat, fatness, fats, nonfat
Word Example from TV Shows
I look fat.

I look FAT.

Money Heist Season 3, Episode 5

I got your fat man
in my pants, bitch.

I got your FAT man in my pants, bitch.

Breaking Bad Season 2, Episode 7

What difference does it make?
Fat is fat.

What difference does it make? Fat is FAT.

The Big Bang Theory Season 2, Episode 12

So good luck extraditing
his fat Russian ass.

So good luck extraditing his FAT Russian ass.

Breaking Bad Season 2, Episode 12

Not fat enough already?

Not FAT enough already?

Game of Thrones Season 6, Episode 6

English to Marathi Dictionary: fat

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