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Fictionalize    :fictionalize


Fictionalize - fictionalize


1. retell :: retell

2. fictionalise :: fictionalise

English to Marathi Dictionary: fictionalize
Meaning and definitions of fictionalize, translation in Marathi language for fictionalize with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of fictionalize in Marathi and in English language.

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What fictionalize means in Marathi, fictionalize meaning in Marathi, fictionalize definition, examples and pronunciation of fictionalize in Marathi language.

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Club - (क्लब) :: a social club

Foosball - (foosball) ::

Gallop - (घोड्याची चौखूर धाव) :: West Ham began at the gallop

Invigorate - (ताकद देणे) :: Great writing for the theatre be it Shakespeare Chekhov or Miller fuels and invigorates the performer as its being spoken

Baccarat - (जुगारी लोकांचा पत्त्यांचा खेळ) :: It didnt hurt at all that he had a photographic mind and that he could remember every card dealt from a baccarat shoe of 312 cards while adjusting his playing strategy accordingly


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Allied - (सारखा) :: It was even more interesting now the lentils had allied with the onions and were battling the celery

Allow - (परवानगी) :: The scarfs purpose is to allow the bobbin case hook to get close to the needle eye and catch the thread to form a stitch

All right - (ठीक आहे) ::

Ally - (तहाने मित्र झालेला देश किंवा माणूस) :: According to friends he enjoys making avian analogies between rare birds and his political allies and enemies

Almost - (जवळजवळ) :: On the fifth he drove it in a creek to the left and almost broke his club hacking it out of there


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Feasible - (शक्य) :: It would be a feasible solution that could be enacted with a handful of live shows

Feckless - (बेजबाबदार) :: The major common factor with people who make resolutions is that the vast majority break them within hours or days of making them yet will fecklessly resolve again in similar fashion the same time next year

Fecund - (अत्यंत सुपीक) :: Its not just marigolds and magnolias that grow abundantly in the fecund heat of the South

Feint - (हूल) :: He took half a step backwards to stabilise himself before feinting to the left and bringing his sword around to the right

Felicitous - (समर्पक) :: The author has a sharp eye for a colourful image felicitously conveying this with economy and engagement


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Verb :: वास, चव, नाक, तीव्र वास, दुर्गंधी, बंद चिन्हांकित, माहिती, दृष्टीक्षेपात, इशारा, आयात, श्वास
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