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गैरसोयीचे, काटेरी, अनिष्ट, गुप्त, अपंग, शहाणपणाला, अविवेकी, मूर्खपणाचे, मूर्ख, बेफिकीर, अविचारी
अयोग्य, अविचारी, शहाणपणाला, unadvisable, निरुपयोगी, दुर्दैवाचा, मूर्खपणाचे, बेफिकीर, indigested

Inexpedient    :शहाणपणाला


Inexpedient - शहाणपणाला



1. unwise :: मूर्खपणाचे


1. effective :: प्रभावी

2. effectual :: सफल

3. efficacious :: गुणकारी

4. efficient :: कार्यक्षम

5. expedient :: योग्य

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English to Marathi Dictionary: inexpedient
Meaning and definitions of inexpedient, translation in Marathi language for inexpedient with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of inexpedient in Marathi and in English language.

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What inexpedient means in Marathi, inexpedient meaning in Marathi, inexpedient definition, examples and pronunciation of inexpedient in Marathi language.

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