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राजकीय, चतुर, ज्ञानी, शिकलो, अनुभव, कारणाचा, सुज्ञ, धोरणी, शहाणा, गमत्या, cagey, भ्रामक
नीटनेटका, चतुर

Politic    :चतुर


Politic - चतुर

Impolitic :: अविचारीपणाची

Politicization :: politicization

Politics :: राजकारण


Related Words

1. body politic :: शरीर धूर्त


1. wise :: ज्ञानी

2. prudent :: शहाणा

3. sensible :: शहाणा

4. judicious :: शहाणपणाचा

5. canny :: मागचा पुढचा विचार करणारा

6. sagacious :: शहाणा

7. shrewd :: चतुर

8. astute :: चाणाक्ष

9. recommended ::

10. advantageous :: किफायतशीर

11. beneficial :: फायदेशीर

12. profitable :: फायदेशीर

13. desirable :: इष्ट

14. advisable :: सल्ला दिला

15. appropriate :: योग्य

16. suitable :: योग्य

17. fitting :: योग्य

18. apt :: योग्य


1. gauche :: अव्यवहारी

2. undiplomatic :: undiplomatic

Different forms

impolitic, politic, politicization

English to Marathi Dictionary: politic
Meaning and definitions of politic, translation in Marathi language for politic with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of politic in Marathi and in English language.

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What politic means in Marathi, politic meaning in Marathi, politic definition, examples and pronunciation of politic in Marathi language.

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