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preen, एखादी वस्तूमधील दुषितपणा नाहीसा करणे, आपण स्तुती, अभिमान वाटतो

Preen    :preen


Preen - preen

Preened :: preened

Preening :: preening

Preens :: preens


Related Words


1. clean :: स्वच्छ

2. admire oneself :: आपण प्रशंसा

3. plume :: पर

4. congratulate :: अभिनंदन

5. primp :: झकपक पोशाख करणे

Different forms

preen, preened, preening, preens

English to Marathi Dictionary: preen
Meaning and definitions of preen, translation in Marathi language for preen with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of preen in Marathi and in English language.

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What preen means in Marathi, preen meaning in Marathi, preen definition, examples and pronunciation of preen in Marathi language.

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