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ढाल, उतार, कुलसन्मानद्योतक चिन्हांनी विभूषित ढाल, संरक्षणाचे साधन, किल्याच्या समोरील बाजुची उतरण, काटकोनात असणे, वाकून, बायस, समुद्रसपाटीपासूनची उंची, उंची, स्पष्टवक्ता, सादर, जनावराचे

Slope    :उतार


Slope - उतार

Sloped :: sloped

Slopes :: उतार

Sloping :: sloping


Related Words

1. ski slope :: स्कीच्या मदतीने बर्फावरुन घसरत जाणे उतार


1. gradient :: ग्रेडियंट

2. hill :: डोंगराळ

3. piste :: piste

4. side :: बाजूला


5. slant :: उतार

6. incline :: उतार

Different forms

slope, sloped, slopes, sloping

English to Marathi Dictionary: slope
Meaning and definitions of slope, translation in Marathi language for slope with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of slope in Marathi and in English language.

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What slope means in Marathi, slope meaning in Marathi, slope definition, examples and pronunciation of slope in Marathi language.

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