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Spade    :कुदळ


Spade - कुदळ

Spaded :: spaded

Spadeful :: फावडयामध्ये मावेल इतके माप

Spadefuls :: spadefuls

Spades :: इस्पिकचा

Spading :: spading


Related Words

1. call a spade a spade :: एक कुदळ एक कुदळ कॉल


1. nigger :: काळे

2. jigaboo :: काळ्या वर्णाचे

3. nigga :: काळ्या वर्णाचा माणूस

4. nigra :: nigra

5. coon ::

Different forms

spade, spaded, spadeful, spadefuls, spades, spading

English to Marathi Dictionary: spade
Meaning and definitions of spade, translation in Marathi language for spade with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of spade in Marathi and in English language.

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What spade means in Marathi, spade meaning in Marathi, spade definition, examples and pronunciation of spade in Marathi language.

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