English to Marathi Meaning of throw - फेकणे

Throw :

फेकणे, टाकले, खेळपट्टीवर, भडिमार, लाजाळू, हर्लिंग, उत्तीर्ण, निर्णायक, सैल, प्रक्षिप्त, ठेवले

फेकणे, टाकले, खाली फेकणे, सोडणे, भडिमार, आज्ञा न मानणे, खाली मारणे, बाहेर ठेवले, स्थान, बाहेर काढा, एकदम बोलणे, समस्या, धरा, घालणे, देखरेख, कायम, संच, स्कॅटर, शॉट, फेक, लबाडीने घुसडुन देणे, अंकुर, आग, ठेवले, स्थापन, मध्ये ठेवले, पिकवणे किंवा पिकणे, पिळणे, करणे कठीण, प्रौढ, गिरकी, फेकून मारणे, लाँच, डॅश

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Definitions of throw in English
Noun(1) the act of throwing (propelling something with a rapid movement of the arm and wrist(2) a single chance or instance(3) the maximum movement available to a pivoted or reciprocating piece by a cam(4) bedclothes consisting of a lightweight cloth covering (an afghan or bedspread(5) casting an object in order to determine an outcome randomly
Verb(1) propel through the air(2) move violently, energetically, or carelessly(3) get rid of(4) place or put with great energy(5) convey or communicate; of a smile, a look, a physical gesture(6) cause to go on or to be engaged or set in operation(7) put or send forth(8) to put into a state or activity hastily, suddenly, or carelessly(9) cause to be confused emotionally(10) utter with force; utter vehemently(11) organize or be responsible for(12) make on a potter's wheel(13) cause to fall off(14) throw (a die(15) be confusing or perplexing to; cause to be unable to think clearly
Examples of throw in English
(1) It is a work like no other and, with the first performance taking place in 1761, is pretty much the final throw of the Baroque.(2) He knocked it off with a nicely-timed throw of a small hammer.(3) It's not that they'll beat you up and torture you and throw you into jail.(4) He needs to throw harder punches, and that he's not connecting for that reason.(5) to throw yourself into sth(6) Peering from behind my hands, I watch as the horses fall, or throw their rider, or watch as loose, riderless horses veer across the track.(7) If your car is equipped with fog lights, you may find it helpful to turn these on, as they throw a little extra light on the road while making your car easier to see.(8) He accuses his opponent of offering him a bribe to throw a match.(9) At the trolley portal the operator had to manually throw the switch using a switch iron.(10) Figures that they've released suggest the card could cost each of us up to Ôö¼├║300 a throw .(11) Brighten it up with a new duvet cover or a smart throw , picking up the colour in light shades and curtains.(12) He lunges at the open window, hurling his strawberry milkshake in a cramped overarm throw .(13) They throw an annual Christmas party for dozens of pensioners who live in sheltered housing schemes.(14) free throw(15) Then two of the lamps that move round to throw the prettiest patterns on the walls and ceiling turned out to be faulty.(16) Fault displacement varies and diminishes downwards and upwards from a central zone where the throw is highest.
Related Phrases of throw
(1) throw away ::
(2) throw up ::
(3) to throw ::
(4) throw a party ::
पक्ष पाहून मतदान
(5) throw down ::
खाली फेकणे
(6) throw off ::
फेकून द्या
(7) throw in ::
आत टाकणे
(8) to throw away ::
दूर फेकणे
(9) free throw ::
मुक्त फेक
1. lob ::
असा फटका मारणे
2. blanket ::
3. stroke ::
4. hurl ::
5. deliver ::
6. direct ::
7. unseat ::
8. disconcert ::
बेत उधळून लावणे
9. give ::
10. strew ::
11. toss ::
12. thrust ::
13. bewilder ::
मती गुंग
14. befuddle ::
गोंधळून टाकणे
15. flip ::
16. drop ::
17. project ::
1. lift ::
2. raise ::
Different Forms
throw, thrower, throwers, throwing, throws
Word Example from TV Shows
He was gonna throw it in the washing
machine with his Spiderman underwear.

He was gonna THROW it in the washing machine with his Spiderman underwear.

The Big Bang Theory Season 4, Episode 18

And if by chance he does,
we'll throw him back into the sea.

And if by chance he does, we'll THROW him back into the sea.

Game of Thrones Season 1, Episode 2

I'm a big boy, and if I missed one,
I'd throw a big boy tantrum.

I'm a big boy, and if I missed one, I'd THROW a big boy tantrum.

The Big Bang Theory Season 10, Episode 17

And throw away some chicken.

And THROW away some chicken.

The Big Bang Theory Season 1, Episode 10

Yeah, just throw it on top.

Yeah, just THROW it on top.

Breaking Bad Season 5, Episode 16

English to Marathi Dictionary: throw

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