English to Marathi Meaning of trick - युक्ती

Trick :

धान्य पेरण्याचे यंत्र, व्यायाम, युक्ती, शारीरिक पराक्रम, मैदानी खेळ किंवा खेळाडूविषयक पराक्रम, कसरत, तांदूळ, छप्पर, वर्तन, रीतीने, फसवणूक, खोटे, फसवणे, कायदेशीर फसवणूक, खेळ, विरोधाभास, वरच्या, ढीग, सापळा, चतुर, कपट, मार्ग, मोजण्यासाठी, शैली, संसाधन, कौशल्य, कार्यक्षमता, नैपुण्य, क्षमता, कोनाकोपरा, नटणे, मौज, कुतूहल, मजा, धोरण, डिव्हाइस, कला

युक्ती, जादुगाराची, कावा, लबाडी, नीट दिसत नाही असा, आंधळा, घासघीस, दांत पाडणे, फसवणूक करणारा, खिशात ठेवणे, फसवू, मौज, खेळ, मेळावा

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Definitions of trick in English
Noun(1) a cunning or deceitful action or device(2) a period of work or duty(3) an attempt to get you to do something foolish or imprudent(4) a ludicrous or grotesque act done for fun and amusement(5) an illusory feat; considered magical by naive observers(6) a prostitute's customer(7) (card games
Verb(1) deceive somebody
Examples of trick in English
(1) It is not an optical illusion or trick photography.(2) We do our usual trick of ignoring him completely while not getting between him and the art, and he returns the favour by ignoring us and quietly declining to even acknowledge our existence.(3) The second question is a trick question, so I won't answer it.(4) He was romancing his long-term girlfriend when he was arrested for getting oral sex from the $60-a-' trick ' prostitute.(5) But then again it could just be a trick of the light!(6) The center cards are given to the first player capturing a trick with a heart or with the queen of spades.(7) The winner scores the point value of the two cards in the trick , as per the table above.(8) And then Elena saw the change in him, so fast, so dramatic, that she wondered if she had really witnessed it or if it had been a trick of the light.(9) Steelkilt calculated his time, and found that his next trick at the helm would come round at two o'clock.(10) I knew she was asking me a trick question, so I went for it.(11) Maybe it was a trick of the light, but the fire seemed brighter.(12) So our concern is not to answer the relativist by some cunning intellectual or metaphysical trick .(13) The student has picked up a mannerism or trick , perhaps from a film or pop source, whose real origin is Schoenberg or Messiaen.(14) A Western team filmed him with infrared cameras and, of course, were able to show that he was performing a conjuring trick .(15) For some reason, I'm a sucker for trick questions.(16) It was only as I was slowly talking my way through the question that I realised it was a trick question.
Related Phrases of trick
(1) trick or treat ::
काढून किंवा उपचार
(2) hat trick ::
(3) dirty trick ::
गलिच्छ युक्ती
(4) play a trick ::
एक युक्ती प्ले
(5) do the trick ::
(6) trick question ::
युक्ती प्रश्न
(7) play a trick on ::
एक युक्ती प्ले
(8) trick out ::
बाहेर काढून
(9) trick shot ::
युक्ती शॉट
(10) trick of the trade ::
व्यापार युक्ती
1. stratagem ::
2. practical joke ::
व्यावहारिक विनोद
3. feat ::
4. knack ::
5. joke ::
6. whoremaster ::
7. deception ::
8. deceive ::
9. fob ::
खिशात ठेवणे
Different Forms
trick, tricked, trickily, tricking, tricks, tricky
Word Example from TV Shows
Maybe there's some method or some
accounting trick you could use--

Maybe there's some method or some accounting TRICK you could use--

Breaking Bad Season 4, Episode 9

- I'll show you the trick with the shower.
- Okay.

- I'll show you the TRICK with the shower. - Okay.

The Big Bang Theory Season 1, Episode 1

He was only pretending to be scared to trick the alien king.

He was only pretending to be scared to TRICK the alien king.

The Big Bang Theory Season 12, Episode 18

Is this some kind of trick?

Is this some kind of TRICK?

Game of Thrones Season 3, Episode 10

Any particular trick
to purging the catalyst bed?

Any particular TRICK to purging the catalyst bed?

Breaking Bad Season 3, Episode 13

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