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चा खालचा भाग कापून टाकणे, आहार
चा खालचा भाग कापून टाकणे
चा खालचा भाग कापून टाकणे

Undercut    :चा खालचा भाग कापून टाकणे


Undercut - चा खालचा भाग कापून टाकणे

Undercuts :: undercuts



1. cut :: कट

2. tenderloin :: tenderloin


3. charge less than :: पेक्षा कमी चार्ज

4. undermine :: ढासळून टाकणे

5. undersell :: विक्रेत्यांपेक्षा

Different forms

undercut, undercuts

English to Marathi Dictionary: undercut
Meaning and definitions of undercut, translation in Marathi language for undercut with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of undercut in Marathi and in English language.

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What undercut means in Marathi, undercut meaning in Marathi, undercut definition, examples and pronunciation of undercut in Marathi language.

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