English to Marathi Meaning :: arduous

कष्टसाध्य, जिकिराचा, खूप परिश्रम किंवा ताकद लागणारा, आयासप्राप्य
Arduous :
- कष्टसाध्यपरिश्रमपूर्वकarduousness

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Adjective(1) characterized by effort to the point of exhaustion; especially physical effort(2) taxing to the utmost; testing powers of endurance(3) difficult to accomplish; demanding considerable mental effort and skill

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(1) Thanks to everyone who gave their time and effort to the arduous task.(2) This two and a half day nonstop boat trip is just part of the arduous journey to bring help.(3) Sometimes they have to walk great distances and then carry the water back - an arduous task.(4) Artists say that getting their art shown in galleries is an arduous and difficult process.(5) Technology has rendered once arduous tasks easy and opened up a world of possibilities for ordinary people.(6) Approach difficult people and arduous tasks with a light and positive attitude.(7) It also seemed that the younger and frailer you were, the more arduous were your physical tasks.(8) It can be a long and arduous task and very often ends in failure.(9) Despite the arduous task of bringing in money, the Arts Support group had an excellent time.(10) It is now possible to hire out the equipment needed to assist you in this arduous task.(11) Armed with machetes they worked with their woodsmen in the arduous task of trail cutting.(12) All this requires much arduous , painstaking, and sometimes confusing work.(13) It had been a long and arduous journey from her home in Scotland and she was weary to her bones.(14) This is a long and arduous task, one that the authorities admit has had only very limited success to date.(15) Michael's task is an arduous one, but critical to the well-being of 2.5m people.(16) The government is grappling with the arduous task of providing relief to distant islands.
1. onerous ::
2. strenuous ::
आजारी माणसांचा संपर्क
3. toilsome ::
1. cheap ::
2. easy ::
3. facile ::
उथळ, वरवरचा
4. light ::
5. mindless ::
पूर्णपणे दुर्लक्ष करणारा
6. simple ::
7. soft ::
Different Forms
arduous, arduously, arduousness
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