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प्रिय, आवडता, किमती महाग, प्रियकर, प्रिया, महाग, उतावीळपणा, दु:ख, आश्चर्य इ. व्यक्त करणारा उद्‍गार
Dear :
- प्रियभरारीसमजतप्रियमहागाई

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Noun(1) a beloved person; used as terms of endearment(2) a sweet innocent mild-mannered person (especially a child
Adjective(1) dearly loved(2) with or in a close or intimate relationship(3) sincerely earnest(4) having a high price
Adverb(1) with affection(2) at a great cost

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(1) Thank you for staying here dear sirs, hope you had a nice time, please do visit us again.(2) I have some advice for members out of this dear little book, which is called The Little Book of Calm.(3) "Some dear friends from a Verdi opera were kind enough to donate these.(4) Yet this costs the bank dear , because it carefully screens out companies which would like a Co-op account but which breach its guidelines.(5) We are ready to pay a very dear price for this peace.(6) She went quietly about her daily life and was held in fond regard by her dear friends.(7) His wife dying, his children scattered, he has paid a dear price for his act of defiance.(8) The theory is that depression in the export industries, coupled if necessary with dear money and credit restriction, diffuse themselves evenly and fairly rapidly throughout the whole community.(9) But eventually, even a Labrador's jaw will tire, at which point the dear little animal will inevitably leave the thing where it can most conveniently be fallen over by someone carrying a full mug of hot liquid.(10) Francesca supposed she was lucky to have avoided losing anyone dear to her.(11) "Are you suggesting, dear sir, that we spoke to a ghost?(12) ÔÇÿYou're awfully late, dear ,ÔÇÖ Prince Alfonso was heard to mutter in English.(13) "Ok dear , I'll leave you here with Cassandra while I go finish some preparations.(14) She'd hate to leave her friendsÔǪ they were so dear to her.(15) In the course of the last half hour the sheep have been efficiently caught by Dr Biswell, and I have fired a nasty looking white gloop down their dear little throats with a syringe.(16) Yes - the number had been disconnected - oh dear !
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1. beloved ::
2. precious ::
3. endearing ::
प्रेम व्यक्त करणारे
4. expensive ::
5. devout ::
6. near ::
7. pricey ::
8. dearly ::
9. darling ::
10. lovable person ::
प्रेम व्यक्ती
11. lamb ::
12. beloved ::
Different Forms
dear, dearer, dearest, dearests, dearly, dearness, dears
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