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:: Consider the fact that teachers almost universally discount their wages in order to teach in private schools:: You need to curl your fingers up more Arson replied sounding very professional and teacherly :: An extensive programme of activities will be put on to promote physical development and make a positive impact on the health of residents of the borough:: community project:: He could see the blood on my face and thought it might be necessary for me to ditch my plane:: Today much of the most exciting work being done and the best funded is interdisciplinary research:: One player who walks into the gym and all her teammates are a little afraid of what she might do next:: it lasted a year:: In most yearbooks to borrow a line from Paul Simon all the worlds a sunny day:: Conner had him on the freshman team for two days before moving him to the varsity :: I have to attend two meetings today:: There had been so much hope put on his attendance at the institutions of higher learning:: There is a difference between refusing to admit evidence and not reading it at all:: The custom ranges from puppy love cards given to kindergarten classmates to diamond earrings presented by husbands to their wives:: We are building extra classrooms across the country and I have some statistics to prove what I am saying:: :: I never thought of myself as above average in the looks department:: In the first chapter Hadley introduces the topic and provides a masterly and useful survey of books and doctoral dissertations on the subject over the last fifty years:: They fear this peaceful drug dealer and because of this fear they want him to die by the chair of electrocution:: We toddled along the prom then had a stroll on the blue flag sands:: They began taunting the friends and threatening them before launching a physical attack:: To specifically monitor the fluorescence signal we placed a bandpass filter centered at 580 nm in front of the optical detector:: They are common in forest clearings wetlands edges residential areas orchards and stands of Russian olive:: In this role as agenda setters and debate arbiters the networks broadcasts profoundly affect the democratic process:: a sit in the shade:: :: On the other hand philosophy as discipline gets some of its legitimacy from claiming to be a form of engagement with the world:: language tuition:: The old buildings narrow corridors stairs and lifts were intended to be similar to those of ships
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