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प्रेम, आवड, भावना, प्रेमळ, ममता, जोड, उतार, फॅन्सी, अर्थ, अंतर्ज्ञान, मुका, सन्मान
प्रेम, ओढ, सद्भावना

Affection    :प्रेम


Affection - प्रेम

Affections :: वासना

Disaffection :: सरकारविषयी अप्रीती


Related Words

1. have affection for :: आहे प्रेम


1. fondness :: आवड

2. love :: प्रेम

3. liking :: आवड

4. tenderness ::

5. warmth :: कळकळ

6. devotion :: भक्ती

7. endearment :: ममता

8. care :: काळजी

9. caring :: काळजी

10. attachment :: जोड

11. friendship :: मैत्री

12. warm feelings :: उबदार भावना


1. abomination :: तिरस्कार करतो

2. hate :: द्वेष

3. hatred :: द्वेष

Different forms

affection, affections, disaffection

English to Marathi Dictionary: affection
Meaning and definitions of affection, translation in Marathi language for affection with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of affection in Marathi and in English language.

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What affection means in Marathi, affection meaning in Marathi, affection definition, examples and pronunciation of affection in Marathi language.

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