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खात्री करून घेणे, निर्धारित, निराकरण, वाचा, गणना, लक्षात, ओळख, पाठपुरावा, पाण्याची खोली मोजण्याचे माप, मागे धावणे, अनुसरण, जा, याची खात्री, पुष्टी, देतो, विमा उतरवणे
खात्री करून घेणे

Ascertain    :खात्री करून घेणे


Ascertain - खात्री करून घेणे

Ascertainable :: खात्री करून घेण्या जोगा

Ascertained :: खात्री करून

Ascertaining :: ascertaining

Ascertainment :: ascertainment

Ascertains :: ascertains


Related Words

1. to ascertain :: खात्री करणे


1. find out :: शोधा

2. watch :: पाहू

3. assure :: देतो

4. find :: शोधणे


1. miss :: नाही

2. overlook :: दुर्लक्ष

Different forms

ascertain, ascertainable, ascertained, ascertaining, ascertainment, ascertains

English to Marathi Dictionary: ascertain
Meaning and definitions of ascertain, translation in Marathi language for ascertain with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of ascertain in Marathi and in English language.

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What ascertain means in Marathi, ascertain meaning in Marathi, ascertain definition, examples and pronunciation of ascertain in Marathi language.

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