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एक साधी पण मजबूत गाठ

Bowline    :एक साधी पण मजबूत गाठ


Bowline - एक साधी पण मजबूत गाठ

Bowlines :: bowlines


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bowline, bowlines

English to Marathi Dictionary: bowline
Meaning and definitions of bowline, translation in Marathi language for bowline with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of bowline in Marathi and in English language.

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What bowline means in Marathi, bowline meaning in Marathi, bowline definition, examples and pronunciation of bowline in Marathi language.

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Noun :: परिणाम, या प्रोफाइलमध्ये, नमते घेणारा, शाखा, प्राक्तन, पर्यवसान, निष्कर्ष, परिपक्वता, शेवटी, समाप्त, गेल्या, शेवट, बंद, समाप्तीच्या, या चित्रपटाने शुक्रवारी, परिपूर्ण, प्रावीण्य, अंतिमत्व
Meaning :: परिणाम, , निष्पत्ती, परिणामी, सर्वसमावेशक सारांश, पचवणे, सारांश
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