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Brash :
उतावीळ, जादा, उद्धट, खडकाचे तुकडे, ढिगारा - जादाजादाbrasherbrashestbrashlybrashness
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Adjective(1) offensively bold

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(1) I didn't really like this new Annabelle at all: she wasn't her old friendly self, she was hostile, brash and rude and she clearly held a large grudge towards me.(2) Paris is mostly familiar to Shanghainese from the movies, no doubt appearing sophisticated and genteel in comparison to the brash cityscape mushrooming around them.(3) The report concludes that these antennas can be used to determine sheet ice thickness and to supply information to help in the detection of brash ice.(4) Allen does a fine job, from his first brash appearance to his last scene.(5) A noisy, brash American, he never knew he was beaten and gave absolutely everything on every point of every game, no matter how apparently hopeless the cause.(6) brash ice(7) Billboards advertising assorted Americana jostle for position with US-style shopping malls and brash , brutalist hotels.(8) I hear voices, loud, brash voices that sound like metal being scraped on slate.(9) She was portrayed as a bit of a lad, very brash , by music journalists, but really she is very quietly spoken, doesn't shoot her mouth off, very intelligent and - she'll hate me for saying this - just very nice.(10) It is an image that is brash , arrogant, ruthless, cold and heartless.(11) I've come home, to next door still playing loud, brash music.(12) The piano was transformed from gentle intimacy to huge, brash vulgarity.(13) Critics say it's tacky, noisy, and stuck in a time warp, those of us who love it agree with all that, that's what it's all about, being big, brash , gaudy and over the top.(14) Those who overcome their caution experience Johannesburg as a brash , vibrant fast-talking city which fancies itself as the continent's answer to New York.(15) We might want to live in one we could justifiably call old, or quaint, modern, or minimalist, but we might feel less enthusiastic once we had come to think of the same property as decrepit, poky, brash , or bleak.(16) The inspector said in his report that, while not ideal, the colour scheme and lettering on the pub sign were not so unsympathetic or brash as to reduce the special interest of the listed building as a whole.
Related Words
(1) water brash ::
पाणी जादा
1. self-assertive ::
स्वत: ची खंबीर
2. pushy ::
पण सध्या काही प्रकल्पांची
3. cocksure ::
दांडगा आत्मविश्वास असलेला
4. cocky ::
5. self-confident ::
स्वत: ची विश्वास
6. arrogant ::
7. bold ::
8. audacious ::
9. brazen ::
10. bumptious ::
11. overweening ::
फाजील आत्मविश्वास असलेला
13. forward ::
14. impudent ::
15. insolent ::
16. rude ::
1. meek ::
2. retiring ::
3. shy ::
4. timid ::
Different Forms
brash, brasher, brashest, brashly, brashness
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