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ठिसूळ, सहज भंग पावणारा, तुसडा, चिडखोर
Brittle :
- ठिसूळठिसूळपणा

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Noun(1) caramelized sugar cooled in thin sheets
Adjective(1) having little elasticity; hence easily cracked or fractured or snapped(2) lacking warmth and generosity of spirit(3) (of metal or glass

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(1) Miner is spot-on, down to her brittle smile and overeager voice.(2) My friend's wife takes the paper bag of peanut brittle from my wife, unfolds the top, peeks inside.(3) In severe cases, nails may become brittle and break easily.(4) However, the rubbery material was brittle and broke too easily.(5) Jude offered a brittle laugh at his own expense.(6) Osteoporosis is a disease in which bones become thin, brittle and easily broken.(7) For the pumpkin seed brittle , in a small covered saucepan, bring the sugar and water to a boil.(8) When harvesting, always cut rather than pull peppers from the plant so you don't break their brittle branches.(9) The Earth's crust, as with many planetary crusts, is brittle and breaks relatively easily.(10) If not staked, the wind will often times break the somewhat brittle , sprawling stems at the base.(11) The silky, smooth livery foie gras contrasted gorgeously with the plum and the almond brittle .(12) You'll be rewarded with deep flavor and candy that sets up perfectly every time, as in the case of our classic buttery almond toffee and our pretty cashew brittle .(13) It has a delicious malty aroma with hints of heather and honey and rich, sweet, nutty undertones like sugared almonds or peanut brittle .(14) Quartz is a very hard stone; it's also brittle and breaks easily into small chunks.(15) As it was fractured before it left the bell tower and was gently lowered, it is likely the brittle metal broke in the sudden change of temperature from scorching heat to cold as the flames were doused with water.(16) He gave a brittle laugh and shook his head, eyebrows raised in incredulity.
Related Words
(1) brittle fracture ::
ठिसूळ फ्रॅक्चर
1. breakable ::
2. harsh ::
4. brickle ::
5. toffee ::
1. cordial ::
2. friendly ::
3. genial ::
4. happy ::
5. hearty ::
6. sympathetic ::
7. warm ::
Different Forms
brittle, brittleness
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