English to Marathi Meaning of burning - बर्न

Burning :

बर्न, ज्योत, झगमगाट, पित्त, आग, आग देव, शक्ती, पाचक शक्ती, वापर, ज्वलन, दु: ख, तेजस्वी, तापलेल्या, दाह

बर्न, उत्कट, अवखळ, तापलेल्या, गरम, पेटलेले, प्रखर, गंभीर, तीव्र, उत्कृष्ट, तीक्ष्ण, तेजस्वी, भयंकर, तीव्र रेचक, सर्रासपणे, खूप रागावतो, जळून, उत्सुक, दाहक, प्रकाशमय, उजळलेला, तळमळीचा, घसा, वेदनादायक, दु: ख व्यक्त करणारे, रोमांचक, चित्तथरारक, सनसनाटी, अंधुक

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Definitions of burning in English
Noun(1) the act of burning something(2) pain that feels hot as if it were on fire(3) a process in which a substance reacts with oxygen to give heat and light(4) execution by electricity(5) execution by fire(6) a form of torture in which cigarettes or cigars or other hot implements are used to burn the victim's skin
Verb(1) destroy by fire(2) shine intensely, as if with heat(3) undergo combustion(4) cause a sharp or stinging pain or discomfort(5) cause to burn or combust(6) feel strong emotion, especially anger or passion(7) cause to undergo combustion(8) execute by tying to a stake and setting alight(9) spend (significant amounts of money(10) feel hot or painful(11) burn, sear, or freeze (tissue(12) get a sunburn by overexposure to the sun(13) create by duplicating data(14) use up (energy(15) damage by burning with heat, fire, or radiation
Adjective(1) of immediate import
Examples of burning in English
(1) Now we all know the answer to the once burning question is a resounding yes!(2) Pensioner Anthony Tanner was left highly distressed after a vandal tried to set his house on fire with a burning newspaper.(3) As she walked, she played with the fire on the burning torches that lined the walls of the corridor.(4) Scouts were usually seen playing in the water to escape the burning sun's rays and get cooled down.(5) It was always her burning ambition to see her mother's name cleared.(6) It is a long way from the burning deserts of Arizona to the gateway to Russia.(7) That looked to be it as the sides laboured under the burning sun, but the encounter exploded in the closing 10 minutes.(8) That's the burning question I pose to my boyfriend as we tool around the suburbs looking for a decent place to eat.(9) A pump operator from the Water Board said the meeting was very important and a burning issue.(10) Then, in the light of the dimly burning fire in the heart he went to her.(11) He said he hopes to make a comfortable living from acting - that's his burning ambition.(12) I took a stick of red wax and held it over the fire of a burning candle until it was so hot that it dripped.(13) The burning issue now is for all of us to keep vigil and stop the contractors from bringing down the tree at night.(14) There was a flash of light more intense than a thousand suns and a burning heat.(15) Many feared that the soles of their standard issue boots would tend to melt on the burning desert sands.(16) In the center of the ring lay a prone Johnson with his hand covering his eyes from the burning hot Cuban afternoon sun.
Related Phrases of burning
(1) burn ::
(2) burning up ::
जाळत आहे
(3) burning down ::
(4) burning desire ::
इच्छा जळत
(5) burning out ::
बाहेर जळत
(6) burning coal ::
(7) keep the fire burning ::
आग ठेवा
(8) burning bush ::
बर्न बुश
(9) burning fire ::
(10) burning sun ::
जळत सूर्य
1. blazing ::
2. extremely hot ::
अतिशय उष्ण
3. intense ::
4. important ::
5. combustion ::
7. burn ::
8. be on fire ::
आग असेल
9. set fire to ::
10. scorch ::
11. be hot ::
गरम असेल
13. consume ::
14. combust ::
15. sting ::
16. incinerate ::
जाळून खाक
17. glow ::
19. burn off ::
बर्न बंद
20. cut ::
21. sunburn ::
सूर्य प्रकाशाने होणारा त्वचेचा क्षोभ
22. fire ::
1. arctic ::
2. bitter ::
3. cold ::
4. freezing ::
5. frigid ::
6. frozen ::
7. glacial ::
8. icy ::
बर्फापासून तयार केलेले
Different Forms
Word Example from TV Shows
SHAY CUNLIFFE: Jonah said,

SHAY CUNLIFFE: Jonah said, "Think Burning Man

Westworld Season 3, Episode 8

burning a hole in my pocket.

BURNING a hole in my pocket.

The Big Bang Theory Season 7, Episode 14

See, I decided that burning down
your house is nothing.

See, I decided that BURNING down your house is nothing.

Breaking Bad Season 5, Episode 12

burning their sins and flesh away.

BURNING their sins and flesh away.

Game of Thrones Season 6, Episode 5

I don't care if this thing's
burning out my retinas,

I don't care if this thing's BURNING out my retinas,

The Big Bang Theory Season 10, Episode 23

English to Marathi Dictionary: burning

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