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निरुपद्रवी, गरीब, innoxious, सौम्य, निष्ठावंत, होकारात्मक, विश्वासाने खालील, तसेच परिणाम, लवचीक
शिकवता येण्यासारखा, गरीब, बांधील, आज्ञाधारक, जबाबदार, विषय

Docile    :गरीब


Docile - गरीब

Docilely :: docilely



1. compliant :: सहत्व

2. gentle :: सभ्य

3. teachable :: शिकवता येण्यासारखा


1. contrary :: उलट

2. contumacious :: हट्टी

3. defiant :: उर्मट

4. disobedient :: आज्ञा न मानणारे

5. froward :: हट्टी

6. insubordinate :: मुजोर

7. intractable :: अडेलतट्टू

8. obstreperous :: बोलभांड

9. rebel :: बंडखोर

10. rebellious :: बंडखोर

11. recalcitrant :: recalcitrant

12. refractory :: दाद देत

13. restive :: अचपळ

14. ungovernable :: ताब्यात ठेवता येत नाही असा

15. unruly :: बेलगाम

16. untoward :: प्रतिकूल

Different forms

docile, docilely

English to Marathi Dictionary: docile
Meaning and definitions of docile, translation in Marathi language for docile with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of docile in Marathi and in English language.

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What docile means in Marathi, docile meaning in Marathi, docile definition, examples and pronunciation of docile in Marathi language.

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