English to Marathi Meaning of fast - जलद

Fast :

जलद, उपासमार

जलद, उपाशी, चांगल्या लोकांची काळजी घेतो, uneaten राहतील, unfed राहतील

जलद, चपळ, व्यक्त, घाईघाईने, निश्चित, संच, स्थिर, अजूनही, थांबलेला, उतावीळ, टणक, सतत, विश्वासू, कठोर, कंजूष, योग्य, पट्टीचा, राखाडी, कुशल, जलद हलवण्यास, जलद मावळत्या, लक्ष केंद्रित, प्रखर, खोल, जाड, उत्सुक, भयंकर, खारट, तीक्ष्ण, हिंसक, अविचाराने, गर्वाने, अविचाराने साहस, निष्काळजी, प्रकाश पायांचा, मजबूत, कडक, घन, भ्रष्ट, दुर्गुणी, गंभीर, घनदाट

जलद, पटकन, हलके, उच्च, बिंदू रिक्त, एक बाजूला न झुकता वर, जवळ, बंद, हार्ड, तसेच जवळ, कोणत्याही क्षणी, वारंवार, अनेकदा, पुष्कळदा, लवकरच, लहान क्रमाने, पोस्ट, सर्व शक्ती एकवटून

जलदउपवास केलाजलदवेगवानउपवासनियंत्रण
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Definitions of fast in English
Noun(1) abstaining from food
Verb(1) abstain from certain foods, as for religious or medical reasons(2) abstain from eating
Adjective(1) acting or moving or capable of acting or moving quickly(2) (used of timepieces(3) at a rapid tempo(4) (of surfaces(5) resistant to destruction or fading(6) unrestrained by convention or morality(7) hurried and brief(8) securely fixed in place(9) unwavering in devotion to friend or vow or cause(10) (of a photographic lens or emulsion
Adverb(1) quickly or rapidly (often used as a combining form, or fast-closing(2) firmly or closely
Examples of fast in English
(1) It's 2:30 by my watch (though my watch is a bit fast ), and we're still in Portland.(2) The setup had to be optimized for response times below microseconds by using a fast dye and by applying a fast fluorescence detector.(3) The King George VI Chase at Kempton could be next for the horse if the ground was to come up on the fast side and rule out Best Mate.(4) He was a fast learner, able to look back at his own mistakes and improve.(5) Cecil felt things were just going a bit too fast for his liking.(6) Tom Adair examines the short life and fast times of an all - American great.(7) Some of them actually buy a number of drinks and consume them quickly to get a fast kick.(8) Another fast ship of those times was the American Clipper the Flying Cloud.(9) Maybe you are like an idol to her to have her cling to you so fast .(10) Its not a super fast track, but it is very technical with some great corners and elevation changes.(11) The surface of the pitch was outstanding and the outfield was fast and true.(12) She says this all very fast and energetically like she has held it in there for so long, and needs to tell someone.(13) Further than that, the Bught Park is traditionally a fast surface, an ideal venue for the sharp stick work both sets of forwards favour.(14) A year ago, the two were fast allies.(15) Amanda wandered back to the beach to find Nora fast asleep in the shade.(16) It's no use, the door's stuck fast !
Related Phrases of fast
(1) fast food ::
जलद अन्न
(2) very fast ::
अतिशय जलद
(3) run fast ::
जोरात पळ
(4) too fast ::
खूप जलद
(5) fast and furious ::
जलद आणि आवेशात
(6) go fast ::
पटकन जा
(7) fast car ::
वेगवान गाडी
(8) as fast as ::
म्हणून जलद
(9) fast food restaurant ::
फास्ट फूड रेस्टॉरन्ट
1. speedy ::
2. secure ::
3. indelible ::
शाईचा डाग
4. loyal ::
5. promiscuous ::
6. flying ::
उड्डाण करणारे हवाई परिवहन
7. dissipated ::
8. truehearted ::
9. immobile ::
13. wildly ::
14. tight ::
15. period of fasting ::
उपवास काळात
17. eat nothing ::
काही खाणार
1. slow ::
Different Forms
fast, fasted, faster, fastest, fasting, fasts
Word Example from TV Shows


Money Heist Season 3, Episode 4

You learned so much,
so fast.

You learned so much, so FAST.

Westworld Season 2, Episode 9

Why are you talking so fast?

Why are you talking so FAST?

The Big Bang Theory Season 12, Episode 23

We may not be Bonnie and Clyde,\Nbut I learn fast

We may not be Bonnie and Clyde,
but I learn FAST

Money Heist Season 3, Episode 2

I judged you too fast.

I judged you too FAST.

The Big Bang Theory Season 5, Episode 23

English to Marathi Dictionary: fast

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