English to Marathi Meaning of foul - वाईट

Foul :

अश्लील, असभ्य, ओंगळ, वाईट, गलिच्छ, लज्जास्पद, अप्रसिद्ध, एकूण, अशुद्ध, ऐहिक, अपवित्र, घाणेरडा, काजळीने किंवा धुळीने माखलेला, चूक, खरं तर अन्यायकारक, चुकीच्या, अन्याय, अन्याय्य, आजारी, नसणारी, अस्वच्छ, केस पिंजारलेले, धक्कादायक, शापित, भयंकर दुष्ट, उद्गार, क्षुद्र, खडकाळ, क्रूड, कुरुप, दु: ख, दीन, क्षुल्लक, चिडखोर, दु: खी, विरोधी, प्रतिकूल, एकाच वेळी एका व्यक्तिबद्दल दोन परस्परविरोधी भावना एकत्र असणारा, वादळी

किळसवाणे, वाईट, अतिशय शिळा, त्रासदायक, वृद्धी करणारा, दमवणारा, चिंताजनक, शाप, विरोध, भयानक, बेडौल, आक्षेपार्ह, वटवट, अस्वच्छ, आजारी, घाण, काजळी, खूप परिश्रम करने, माती, विकृत, अपवित्र, गलिच्छ, नसणारी करा, भ्रष्ट, ऐहिक, उल्लंघन, रद्द करणे, हस्तक्षेप, येवू, तडाखा, दुवा पहा, आदळणे, फासा, गोंधळ

एखाद्या गोष्टीबाबत गोंधळलेल्या अवस्थेत असलेलावादळीfouledfoulerfoulestfoulingक्रुरपणेfoulnessfouls
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Definitions of foul in English
Noun(1) an act that violates the rules of a sport
Verb(1) hit a foul ball(2) make impure(3) become or cause to become obstructed(4) commit a foul; break the rules(5) spot, stain, or pollute(6) make unclean(7) become soiled and dirty
Adjective(1) highly offensive; arousing aversion or disgust(2) offensively malodorous(3) violating accepted standards or rules(4) (of a baseball(5) (of a manuscript, or dirty(6) characterized by obscenity(7) disgustingly dirty; filled or smeared with offensive matter(8) especially of a ship's lines etc
Examples of foul in English
(1) Even though I learned most of my foul vocabulary from my parents, Mom had one word that was off-limits.(2) He even had the ball in the net, but was booked for a foul on the goalkeeper.(3) The sky was the sort of overcast that was not just gray, but the kind of gray that bled the color from all the things around it, a thick smog filling the air, ominous and foul .(4) I have been foul to you and I must apologize.(5) So it's pretty ironic that the average NBA player couldn't make a foul shot if his sneaker contract depended on it.(6) He came so close to her she could smell his foul breath, and she turned her head away.(7) Any other hitter would have pulled that pitch foul .(8) He pulled me close to his face, so close that I could smell his foul breath.(9) If he had touched the ball in fair territory before it went foul , the play would have been ruled a fair ball.(10) The eighth was a strikeout, the ninth a pop fly to first base, the 10th a foul pop to the catcher.(11) Thomas had looked at his brother, completely undisturbed by the foul glare he was giving him.(12) Leaders and media observers repeated the nostrum that the best way for the country to respond to such a foul crime is to return to normal and signal that the nation's spirit and resolve cannot be undermined.(13) Not many city residents go there to spend an evening because of the foul smell from the sewer, which is in the middle of the garden dividing it into two zones.(14) Ten minutes into our trip a foul smell begins to permeate the carriage; it emanates from the aforementioned toilets.(15) The meter-square bag was found leaking its foul contents outside the office of legislator Leung Yiu-chung in an industrial area of Kowloon.(16) We will do everything in our power to bring to justice those who were responsible for this foul deed.
Related Phrases of foul
(1) foul play ::
वादळी नाटक
(2) foul language ::
अर्वाच्च भाषेत
(3) foul-mouthed ::
वाईट व्यक्ती
(4) foul weather ::
वादळी हवामानाच्या
(5) foul smell ::
वाईट वास
(6) foul water ::
वादळी पाणी
(7) foul-up ::
(8) foul-smelling ::
(9) foul line ::
वाईट ओळ
1. disgusting ::
2. dirty ::
3. unkind ::
4. inclement ::
6. evil ::
7. vulgar ::
8. illegal ::
9. unsportsmanlike ::
10. nasty ::
11. smutty ::
12. funky ::
13. afoul ::
एखाद्या गोष्टीबाबत गोंधळलेल्या अवस्थेत असलेला
14. yucky ::
15. dirty ::
16. tangle up ::
वर गुंतागुंतीची अवस्था
17. choke off ::
बंद गळा दाटून
18. maculate ::
19. pollute ::
1. bright ::
2. clear ::
3. clement ::
4. cloudless ::
5. fair ::
6. sunny ::
7. unclouded ::
Different Forms
afoul, foul, fouled, fouler, foulest, fouling, foully, foulness, fouls
Word Example from TV Shows
But he had demons in his skull
whispering foul things.

But he had demons in his skull whispering FOUL things.

Game of Thrones Season 6, Episode 9

I'm not interested in foul rumors.

I'm not interested in FOUL rumors.

Game of Thrones Season 3, Episode 2

she said
she suspected
foul play.

she said she suspected FOUL play.

Westworld Season 2, Episode 7

Because, frankly, you've been
in a foul mood since I sat down.

Because, frankly, you've been in a FOUL mood since I sat down.

The Big Bang Theory Season 2, Episode 9

Big ugly fellow. Foul mouth and
a face like a half-burnt ham.

Big ugly fellow. Foul mouth and a face like a half-burnt ham.

Game of Thrones Season 4, Episode 7

English to Marathi Dictionary: foul

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