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आवेशयुक्त भाषण
आवेशयुक्त भाषण

Harangue    :आवेशयुक्त भाषण


Harangue - आवेशयुक्त भाषण

Harangued :: harangued

Harangues :: harangues

Haranguing :: haranguing



1. tirade :: गालिप्रदान

2. diatribe :: कडवट टीका

3. lecture :: व्याख्यान

4. polemic :: वादविवाद

5. rant :: असे भाषण

6. fulmination ::

7. broadside :: एका बाजूकडील सर्व तोफा

8. attack :: हल्ला

9. onslaught :: भीषण हल्ला

10. criticism :: टीका

11. condemnation :: धिक्कार

12. censure :: धिक्कार

13. admonition :: सूचना

14. sermon :: कान उघाडणी

15. declamation ::

16. speech :: भाषण

17. blast :: स्फोट

18. philippic :: philippic


19. rant at :: येथे भाषण

20. hold forth to :: बाहेर ठेवण्यासाठी

21. lecture :: व्याख्यान

22. shout at :: येथे ओरडा

23. berate :: खरडपट्टी काढणे

24. criticize :: टीका

25. attack :: हल्ला

26. sound off at :: बंद आवाज

27. mouth off to :: तोंड बंद

Different forms

harangue, harangued, harangues, haranguing

English to Marathi Dictionary: harangue
Meaning and definitions of harangue, translation in Marathi language for harangue with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of harangue in Marathi and in English language.

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What harangue means in Marathi, harangue meaning in Marathi, harangue definition, examples and pronunciation of harangue in Marathi language.

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