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पिळणे, दोरखंड, दोरी, केबल, वेणी, जाड दोरखंड
जाड दोरखंड

Hawser    :जाड दोरखंड


Hawser - जाड दोरखंड

Hawsers :: hawsers


Related Words


1. twist :: पिळणे

2. cord :: दोरखंड

3. rope :: दोरी

4. cable :: केबल

5. braid :: वेणी

6. hawser :: जाड दोरखंड

Different forms

hawser, hawsers

English to Marathi Dictionary: hawser
Meaning and definitions of hawser, translation in Marathi language for hawser with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of hawser in Marathi and in English language.

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What hawser means in Marathi, hawser meaning in Marathi, hawser definition, examples and pronunciation of hawser in Marathi language.

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